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  1. Thanks - i'm one of these people who likes to worry & already calculating possible speeding fines & the like (that probably never happened) and letters revoking my licence for non response etc.....


    I won't hold you to it, but please tell me likely nothing to worry about :???:


    I.e. I'm more than willing to pay any fines that i've received, but not any extra charges on top or court fees etc.....:!:

  2. Ok - total oversight / head in the sand job here.


    Have not updated the registered keeper address on my registration document for nearly 4 years - just got my tax today & the post office lady spotted & said I had to send it off & update it - which I now have.


    I'm just worried will this highlight any skeletons in the closet ?

    - Speeding fines

    - Late tax fines


    And would it be better to call DVLA to check current status or just leave it ?


    Any advise appreciated.



  3. Hi,


    Starting separate thread for each debt per DX's advice:-D


    Can't CCA an overdraft ?

    Currently owe £2500 ish....... should we make token offer of payment or wait until we get CCA results from other creditors ?

    Have just been ignoring so far,


    And also start process for any reclaims.

  4. Hi,


    Starting separate thread for each debt per DX's advice:-D


    I'm not being chased for this as they do not have my current address...... but can I CCA them using same details as my partners card i.e. presume that KPR will be chasing it also ?

  5. Yep dual fuel...

    Pretty sure the other half has taken pictures of the meters when we moved out of the old & then when we moved into the new.



    Am I likely to have any objections to them splitting this bill if I just call up & speak to customer services ?

    If so emailing CEO best strategy ? - where would I find address ? - and is there a template I could use ?



  6. Hi,



    Your responses are making me slightly optimistic !


    Approx £800 of the £1000 debt is from out old property which we moved out of in Dec 2012.


    We do owe the money, and had been paying a higher monthly amount - £150 to cover monthly bills & pay some off,

    but recently they said they could not find our gas supply !!?? - so had not been billing us,


    Now they have sent threatening (usual stuff) letters demanding payment for whole £1000.


    Whats my next / best steps ?


    What can they do about the old debt at our previous house ?

  7. Hi,


    have a £1000 debt with Npower - mostly from a previous property we rented.


    We are still with Npower now at a new property (also renting)


    They are threatening to cut us off or install a meter.


    Would there be any come back to switching electricty / gas providers & making an affordable repayment offer to Npower in line with other debts of £5pcm ?



  8. Hi,


    Co-op account should be open this week & then i'll get letters off to all, informing that we can only make token payments, thanks for advice...


    I'll be looking to get checking that debts are enforceable & start reclaiming any charges / PPI.

    Would like the forums help guidance on this, whats the best way to begin, i'll have proper read through the basics & templates, but then is it start a thread in each respective bank / lender area & go from there ?



  9. Just tried to open a new bank account with someone we don;t owe money to (HSBC) - got turned down !

    Have a meeting with them on Friday where i'll try to open a basic one...


    If that fails I need to consider following options


    1. I have two current accounts with Halifax, one has nearly £5k overdraft, the other is a basic account with no overdraft. If I left money in the basic one could they / would they take it to offset the overdraft ?


    2. If I open basic bank account with barclays would they be likely to offset this agains what we owe on Credit card ?


    Both above on basis that we offer token payments.



  10. No nothing..... both our files are pretty clean except i'm 2 months late with Nationwide credit card & Capital one.


    But we are currently paying nearly £500 a month in minimum payments which we cannot continue to do,

    I'm happy to send them token payment offers, but really don;t want the AP marker. So planning on ignoring for few months until defaulted..... ?

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