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  1. Update. PYB eventually emailed to say they had looked into the case, and were overturning the refusal and were now accepting her claim. She has, this week, received a brand new iPhone 4S from them. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions on this thread. Just goes to prove, if you know you're right, fight for it
  2. Quick update. She received a reply from PYB today saying they received her complaint on 23 February and will come back with an answer within 4 weeks. How can they say they received it on 23 February when she emailed the Complaints Department on 6 February? I didn't realise emails took nearly 3 weeks to reach the recipient.
  3. OK. She has had a letter saying her claim was rejected as 'the gadget was not within sight at all times and out of arms reach', so therefore it isn't classed as theft. Absolutely ridiculous. By using this definition within their T&C, they would never pay out on a stolen item. She has sent an official complaint written by a lawyer who cites a case very similar brought against Prudential Assurance. In that case, the Court found that 'to impose too high a standard (of T&C) would defeat or make illusory the benefits of an insurance policy'. The Court found in favour of the defend
  4. Official claim rejection letter now received. No reason given - just an 'unfortunately your claim has not been approved on this occasion'. My daughter has a lawyer friend who is compiling a letter of complaint for her to send, so we'll wait and see the outcome of that. I feel this is going to be a rather long, drawn out process.
  5. Thank you. It's already been spread around Twitter and someone from ProtectYourBubble contacted me within minutes of me posting on there. I have been careful what I've said on there - I've only stated facts. The person who responds to Twitter complaints is really just a pacifier.
  6. Will do. What is a reasonable length of time to wait for the letter? I have a feeling they are going to drag their heels over this.
  7. OK. Thank you for your post. If my daughter says she literally just turned away for a few seconds, then I believe her. I know her well and she would not lie to the Police or to me. The phone was definitely never more than an arms length away from her and although she did turn away for a few seconds, I doubt she'd have expected the phone to be stolen as there was nobody else in the room, apart from the Attendent (who, being an employee of the Club, she wouldn't have considered a threat) and her friend, who was in a cubicle at the time. She also asked if there was CCTV in the toil
  8. Ok. I did explain exactly what happened on the telephone to them and pointed out it was literally seconds that she turned away. I will do as you say and see how I get on. Many thanks.
  9. The thread was started on my behalf by a friend. I have now explained the circumstances
  10. This is my daughters claim that I am dealing with on her behalf. Brief background: She was in a Club last Friday evening. She went to the Ladies (which is a very small room) and she and her friend were the only two in there, apart from the Lavoratory Attendendant. She came out of the cubicle & put her phone down next to the sink, washed her hands, literally turned to her left to dry her hands. When she turned back, the phone had gone. Her friend was still in the cubicle which only left the Attendant. She went and reported it to the Security people and they went into the toilet wi
  11. I've been there since the company was formed 22 years ago. They have told all the staff that they need to cut back on money as the trade has died down a bit, but I know that they aren't that bad off as I do all the accounts for them. They are continuing to take big dividends every month and are planning on giving themselves an increase once they have cut peoples days and hours down. They said they wanted to cut me down to 2 days a week but when it was payday or cheque writing day, if it wasn't one of my 2 days then they would expect me to come in and do 3 days (with the extra days pa
  12. Hi. My employer wants to cut down my working days from 3 a week to 2 a week, thereby reducing my take-home pay. I know my job cannot be done in 2 days a week (I do all the accounting for the company, including VAT, sales/purchases, wages, letters, invoicing etc etc) and there is no-one else at my place of work who can do my job. I have told them I am not accepting the proposal, but don't really know where I stand as to whether they can force this on me. Any help would be very appreciated
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