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  1. Hi Sorry to hear that. Did they give you a reason why they believed Lowell and not you? I don't suppose you asked if you could appeal did you? It would have made the judge give written reasons or so I believe.
  2. I can only say poor Bobby. He has now been told he must verify his identity , stop using HMA and send a photo of his clamped vehicle. Of course now he has bought the templates thriugh paypal he is stuffed or can he get his money back?
  3. Goodmorning Tomtubby . Apparently I am now talking to myself as you and me are the same person. All I can do is repeat the old saying Just because I am paranoid doesn't mean you aren't all out to get you.
  4. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee681792(v=office.15).aspx Do you have an older version of office on your computer ? Have you tried doing an uninstall then reinstalling the 64 bit
  5. I suppose a headline is a headline regardless of the actual facts. The headline is excellent however there is little detail. As far as it says the following is the judgement Storage costs returned but is that all or some. It could be 1 day it could be all the days All costs awarded- I am assuming it is the standard court fees which I think are awarded anyway Loss of earnings - Is that for the hearing or longer I wonder what the real answers are
  6. I was wondering just how much has actually been awarded compared to the claim. We all know that you can go to court and win but actually get very little in the way of money. I am still confused how it can be claimed that this is the manchestergate case when it seems totally different. If anyone gets the judgement I would love to see it
  7. From what I can work out and having read what goes as manchestergate this is totally different in that it is repayment of excess charges so not a form 4 at all. Thanks for the info though.
  8. Can I firstly apologise for bringing this up but I am trying to understand it. On another forum there is a post about something that was allegedly referred to on here as manchestergate. On the post there is someone bragging that the hero of the site has won a case over car storage fees. I can find no mention of it here so is the person concerned unusually twisting the truth? The claim is also that they are considering making a complaint before a magistrate under the fraud act. I always thought that complaints such as that were made to the plods or is he talking about a private prosecution and if so is the burden of proof the same as criminal court? Thanks in advance
  9. They seem to have started up again but hopefully in a less aggresive way. I know Noddy has been contacted by them, couldn't happen to a nicer man
  10. From what I understand a panic attack can give many of the same symptoms as a heart attack. I am not medically trained but if you had a massive heart attack that went on for over 3 1/2hours I would suspect you wouldnt be here to be complaining. I am not saying for one minute that mistakes weren't made and that there isnt a case to answer but as said before your language seems very confrontational and sadly that can be counter productive. The words heart attack are used generically as well . In laymans terms they cover a huge range of symptoms. If however your GP is saying he thinks there is negligence and NAH are willing to proceed then I think you should. If not do you have legal expense cover on your household indurance? Do not expect it to be a quick resolution though , it could take a long time.
  11. If these debts are off your credit file and you do want to pay them a small full and final may save you money in the long run. However if there is no ccj and they are pre 2007 I would be inclined to send a cca request first. Just a request to any mods, if a post is moved can you set up a redirect . I saw the question tagged onto an old thread
  12. I know they are the same parent company but do they yet have joined up systems. For example RBS and Natwest do not have joined up systems when paying cheques in. As for the dispute letter I would never tell them exactly what is wrong but something like it fails to comply with S78 or S61. Different people have different approaches but personally I would reply to letters asking questions , even if its to say I refer you to my letter of xxxxxx. You could set up a dispisable email address for that as well. Any letter that contains a specific threat . Some people also pre empt doorstep and phone calls by sending the letters
  13. Maybe if you are going to throw insults you should read back and not sound so arrogant. Yes it is embarrasing , happened to me in a works vehicle but if the site was busy and as usual understaffed the last thing a cashier would want is to fill out all of the paperwork. I think that taking it on the chin is the best option
  14. Don't want to be pedantic but those two figures are very different. It is also well known that debt purchasers often pay low amounts, sometimes less than that.
  15. Ok. So I am thinking a percentage rather than an actual figure.
  16. I would say no of course he doesn't have to sign but by leaving the petrol station without paying he is leaving himself open to an accusation of theft. Even returning and paying doesnt mitigate that. Signing may have demonstrated that there was no intent. Sometimes it doesn't payto be bloody minded
  17. Pitcher my reference to btl landlords selling up was in reply to worried33 who seemed to suggest that any rent control by the state would lead to an exodus. As forcmy comments on welfare I am not sure what you mean.. They are comments on my experience in my life and trying to get a balance between what is affordable and what will cause unnecessary hardship such as asking an 80 year old widow to move from her council house of 40 years because it has 3 bedrooms.
  18. If all the btl landlords left and sold up then social housing could buy them. It may not happen as much now but no social housing should be subsidised. It should be market rent and then HB kicks in for low incomes and it must be household incomes.
  19. I would agree with SP about the reassesment of social housing although I think that it should not be retrospective for people of maybe 50+. It is wrong that single pensioners live in 3 bed properties but it would be unfair to force them to move now. I have family and yes in a crisis they would help me out but these are parents and siblings so why should they pay for my mistakes or life choices. I also believe that the state should support those that can not work with enough money to live. But for those who make it a lifestyle choice then subsistance only. Hard I know but I am meeting people that quite frankly need a slap, One guy actually said to me, well if they sop my money I will go labouring with my mate. WTF. However there is another guy who clearly isnt fit to work due to age health and cognitive abilities yet he has been sanctioned for not applying fir enough jobs. He cant read or write. He should be on ESA but I can not get him to apply. Madness The welfare state really must be fixed, money to live on for those
  20. Oh I love babies as well but not all at once! I suppose what I was saying is that with new methods lives can be saved and extended in a way never seen before. This will no doubt go on but if we can't affird it who is going to make the tough decisions. I do think it is morally wrong to keep someone alive at any cost just because we can. I am not sure I would want to live if I was alert but completely unable to function or communicate. My worst nightmare I think. As for Drs I am sure we all know someone who has been ill or died and can think back to maybe the first symptoms and think if only. If an otherwise healthy person presents with stomach pain what tests would you do? I certainly wouldn't be thinking Hodgkins Disease but it is a symtom. Isnt an ulcer or diet far more likely so that would be the 1st thing to investigate
  21. I know not popular but I did not say euthanasia only palliative care.. Big difference
  22. Wow this thread has moved on. Going back to my sugestion of rationing NHS treatment I know it is emotive and I am not sure how I would feel personally if it was my baby or my parent. To be honest though, is it fair to let a baby who will never be even slightly independent in mind or body live. If I need a new liver and then carry on drinking so the newcone fails should I get it. My mother has a living will, if she has say a serious stroke she wants to be kept comortable but not treated . Moving on to spending and debt all this can be spun. I believe that labour tried to spend its way out of recession with large capital projects however this can not be sustained for ever. The arguments about how much the tories have borrowed may be unfair as how much of that was already in the pipeline before the election. It is argued that the tories did not expect to win the last election they did under Major and had screwed the econonmy in the hope labour would win have one term and not be able to fix it. Then of course there are percentages. In a period of growth you can spend more but still spend a lower %of GDP and vice versa so you can use the figures to say what you want.
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