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  1. Hi drivingmemad, I tried sending you a message but my post count isn't high enough. Just wanted to say I'm facing the same thing but my ex is working, hope it all turns out ok for you.
  2. I was going to ring and say I'm breast feeding etc but don't want to agitate them! I presume if I turn up with baby they'll send me away or postpone which will extend the worry further! She said I couldn't take her because of the tape machine. I have a stand by I could ask but I'll have to give them a reason for needing their help and I don't want to tell anyone what's going on because I'm too embarrassed. When I rang to change the appointment time (it clashed with picking the oldest up from school) I asked what it was regarding and she said 'living together allegations' so I simply said ok thanks. So what should I take with me? I want to be as prepared as possible so am making some notes but it's hard to have answers prepared if I don't know what they'll ask.
  3. Does anyone know what happens if I fail to attend the interview? I rang them to re-arrange the time and was told I couldnt take my youngest with me, she's 9wks old and I've got no one to have her so I'm not sure what I'm meant to do!? If I ring and ask for more information so I can write a statement instead of attending will they tell me anything? Will this make matters worse?
  4. Is there an update on this davelee? I'm facing the same thing myself and can't eat for worry
  5. Yes sorry I should have said it does say it's an interview under caution and I'm terrified! He was living on his own but the landlord wanted the property back and he had nowhere to go so was sleeping on sofa's at his brothers and at friends so as far as I'm aware he changed his address with the bank to my address as he didn't want mail going to his old address and from what I can remember when I put him down as emergency contact for school I put his number and left the address blank as I didn't know who's sofa he was sleeping on at the time! He's also on my car insurance as it brings my premium down, I feel stupid now but it didn't occur to me that I was doing anything wrong!
  6. I have received a letter from the job centre stating "I am conducting an investigation into alleged criminal offences in relation to a claim to benefit." Try and keep it brief, on and off with ex for a number of years, have a 5yr old together then had a one night stand with the ex and another person around the same time and fell pregnant (despite using contraception) and have a newborn baby who I'm 99% certain is the ex's. I live on my own with the 2kids, claim income support, tax credit, child ben, and housing benefit. Ex came with me to register the birth of the newborn and is named on the birth cert, ex was homeless at this time and so his address on the birth cert is the same as mine. He calls in regularly to see the kids, and has stayed over a few times in the spare bedroom to help me out with the kids. The letter doesn't say what I'm meant to have done wrong but I'm assuming they think he lives with me which isn't the case. What happens at these interviews? I get tongue tied when stressed and want to know what to expect, if they have evidence of ex leaving my house which they may well have as he comes to see the kids can they prosecute me even if I say I haven't done anything wrong? The letter also hasn't come from my local job centre it has come from an office in a different county borough, does anyone know if this is 'normal'? Any advice would be great!
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