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  1. Hello Firstly I am new to this forum but have used it to get through my 2 years of hell and thought I would give something back. I am not offering advice but just an insight into how some of the big companies are likely to respond to you defaulting. My debts were Wonga £1200 PayDayUK £590 Swift Sterling £390 Payday Express £349.50 1 Month Loan £325 Moneybox247 £200 Cash Genie £190 MiniCredit £120 TxtLoan £117 A grand total of £3481.5! I won't go through the story as its over 2 years worth but the fact is I got to this point at one stage. Wonga - As soon as I defaulted they sent an email offering me to pay over 3 months (£400 a month), I replied that that was unaffordable and offered to pay over 8 months (£150), which they accepted no fuss. All that was added was three days of borrowing for the time it took to sort out. PaydayUK - Not so friendly and very persistent, debt was passed to Keyes Whitlock and small charges added, debt went onto CCCS DMP and they have been no problem. SwiftSterling - Didn't receive one phone call or letter, debt went on CCCS DMP and no interest or charges added. Seem a very laid back company. PaydayExpress - Took around 3 months before they responded to me, only interested in adding charges (albeit small), eventually they sent a letter saying they will only accept a payment plan if I was ill or dead. Replied saying its thats of nothing and they accepted £50 per month. 1MonthLoan - Went on CCCS DMP, no contact from 1MonthLoan and debt was eventually passed to Roxburghe, they have managed to double the debt and this is now in dispute. MoneyBox247 - Basically said make me an offer and I offered £40 a month which was accepted. CashGenie - Strange company, but pleasant, offered a payment plan outright and asked me for £40 a month as minimum payment, just to be awkard I offered £35 a month and they accepted. Again no interest or charges. MiniCredit - Read many bad things about this mob so just paid them off. Just give them their money. TxtLoan - Received no communication and they are on a CCCS DMP. So just to sum up, im the last person to offer advice but hopefully this will put some people at ease, most are open to payment plans. At the end of the day they just want their money. Be nice and don't strees. As of today I owe Payday Express £250 (I was stupid enough to use these a few months back when I was doing well) Cash Genie £50 PaydayUK, Swift Sterling, 1 Month Loan and TxtLoan £790 left on DMP. Just £1090 left! I made the mistake of agreeing a plan with Wonga but rolled over the others which is why the Wonga one is already paid. Looking back I should have done all at the same time but I was too scared to default until I had no choice. My only advice is to get help, don't make my mistake of being scared and forcing yourself to believe you are in control and you can manage. There is pressure on these companies to help you. NB - I would seriously recommend seeking advice from CCCS or Payplan before you default and follow my lead. As stated I had these debts for 2 years, therefore I had already technically paid back the loan with interest, i'm guessing that most of these companies saw any extra as a bonus. I'm guessing they will respond differently if you have had your loan for a short period or paid back very little so far.
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