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  1. Thanks so much! I have had a read and written a letter. I have explained in the letter that the customer service advisor failed to explain the policy to me and consider if it was in my best interests etc etc. I have also put that I was made to feelt that I had to have the policy - I hope it is enough. Should I just given them 14 days to respond? I feel that I need some offical jargon to put at the end about what would happen should they fail to respond - do you have any ideas or phases? really appreciate your help - I really have no idea if I am doing the right thing!! Elsie
  2. Does anyone else have any advice? I am really looking for a starting point on this one. Many thanks
  3. Many thanks Will have a look for the CPP group now! Really appreciate your help Elsie
  4. Hi All Having spend a bit of time reading some threds this evening, I have been inspired to take on HSBC. When I opened a student account with them in September 1999, I was told I 'may as well' have a credit card - for emergencyies - and that their card protection came with it. I was told I should take it out as I could put all my other cards from other banks on it too. (I remember this bit clearly as my mother wasn't all too keen on sending me off to university with a credit card!!) The policy was annual and they write to tell me when they are taking the next payment. This is a
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