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  1. great. thanks for your help. I now know everything I need to know.
  2. thanks for your reply. yeh, I see the problem with homelet, and the supposed debt being on their books. fortunately, the letting agents and landlord are happy to rent this property to me. The letting agent can't understand why homelet are still chasing this debt from back in 2005. So just to clarify.. on the trustonline.org.uk website it says that: I am guessing that this doesn't apply to me then and I don't have another 6 year period starting from 2010 (when the CCJ was set aside) where court action could be started against me? Does this above trustonline quote mean that
  3. Hi, Topic explains the situation really. In 2005 there was a CCJ issued against me. This was for alleged non-payment of rent previous to this. Before the CCJ was issued, I was under the impression that all rent arrears had been paid. The letting agent had been in touch about some rent arrears previously, which I then paid afterwards. Years later on, I learned that a CCJ had been recorded against me in 2005. I had received no court papers inviting me to court, and I guess the CCJ was issued against me in my absence. (I was actually out of the country). It turned out that homelet were the
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