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  1. Hi ims21 , reply received today, long winded , low offer and still wanting to send tbi the money. I will scan in tomorrow if you wouldn't mind taking a look.
  2. Thanks again, it's in the post .....will update when reply ( or hopefully cheque ) is received !
  3. Thanks, that would be great , then I will fire it off tomorrow first thing.
  4. Hi FishPie, You are more than welcome to use any parts you need. I have no legal background and to be honest without the help from this Forum and in particular IMS21, I would have struggled.Good Luck
  5. Hi, apologies the draft letter needed to be removed earlier , but should be back on the thread now
  6. Hi, Draft Attached. Let me know your thoughts please.
  7. Will do, you are absolutely right on the point that HFC had already offered to pay the money to TBI, so why they would drag the IVA up now is beyond me...!, thanks again.
  8. Superb, thank you so much, will fire that off and update you on the outcome. Many Thanks
  9. I wish I had a wine cellar, after the day I have had!!! I really do appreciate all your help on this. Yes HFC will be aware that the IVA was cancelled. We didnt make any payment plan with HFC, as they literally just sold it to TBI as I received the deed from them. TBI then set up the payment plan with me after a threat of stat demand. No payments were made to HFC whatsoever.
  10. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. We did not complete IVA, HFC was included in it, HFC then sold the debt onto TBI who we have been paying, I do not believe we have any docs, but will check the cellar. How does this affect things?
  11. Hi, reply today from HFC regarding the above. Looks like making some real progress but I need some advice as they are wriggling. Basically a way prior to them selling to TBI , we entered into an IVA but then decided that it was too costly and made arrangements to pay off the debts direct with the lenders. As you will see HFC are asking for some documentation regarding this , however as they sold the debt onto TBI I cannot see how this has any relevance to my claim. Obviously if I am incorrect please let me know. Letter Attached, please advise how to reply to this . We do not think we have any of the documentation they are asking for , but to be honest cannot see why they would require it as they sold the debt.
  12. Thanks, changes made....watch this space.....!
  13. Hi Letter attached, any builds/ advice appreciated .....
  14. I thought as much, anyone got any ideas how to extract this money from them...!. I will write back but as I said before they are not playing ball...
  15. Hi, thanks so much for the quick reply. Hopefully this PDF will now be better than the photo?.
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