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  1. natwest account is an unarranged overdraft and lowell accounts are mobile contracts
  2. I have lived in various student accommodations and had not received all the necessary information relating to them, but they are debts I am liable for. Two of the Lowell accounts were only just assigned to them and from my credit report I believe the other Lowell account has been with them since last year. The natwest account sent a formal demand and I immediately followed this up with a response but i received no further communications, which I suspect is down to various location moves. At the time moorcroft sent me a letter but I wrote back stating the account was still in dispute.
  3. Hi, Due to bad errors in judgement, I have accrued 4 defaults on my credit file which I have recently been made aware of, 3 defaults (700+, 500+ and 500+) are from Lowell dating back to 1/2012 and the other default is with Natwest (11K+), 12/2011. I have come to realise that I am fully liable for these debts and wish only to sort out the issues now rather than later. I see various posts saying to avoid communication with DCAs but if it is my debt, I do not see what other options I have... The natwest default has been passed to moorcroft, who recently sent a letter to my parents
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