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  1. Thank you ever so much for your reply very helpful. The comp was only very small complaint was regarding the £10 postal order made out to tsb i was only testing the water with them. The comp was double. Not accepted it at the moment as i believe they are breach of the oft lloyds is saying they are not moorcroft are.
  2. Its a shame wescot haven't taken a leaf out of moorcrofts book we will have to wait and see
  3. Just to let you know moorcroft has just given me a cheque as compensation as it appears they rather pay up than go to the ombudsman
  4. Can any one tell me if you prove without doubt that they have broken the OFT guidelines on more than one issue would this mean you win your case and also if you can prove there has been an error on the figures even though its only 25p does this mean that the whole figure would be in dispute
  5. please see post http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?395855-No-original-agreement-of-debt-causing-stress-after-bereavement-of-child-please-help/page3
  6. Is it legal for a them to print a screen shot and blank out the figures and write in by hand a new figure as it came with the subject access request
  7. Thank you for your response ford Sorry to be a pain but what does this mean customer not given consent to view additional information And also is it legal for a lender to print a screen shot and blank out the figures and write in by hand a new figure And also they have not given me any recordings of phone calls
  8. Just to fill you in on whats going on its getting very interesting now i have put in an official complaint about westcott as they are clearly in violation of the OFT guidelines moorcroft will be following shortly. lloyds tsb i am just waiting for a reply lloyds have clearly got not a clue what they are doing as they have my partner down as divorced, incorrect adresses and telephone numbers i am waiting for a final response letter they have clearly defaulted on at least 6 of the OFT guidelines and also the consumer credit act of 1974 a
  9. Sorry about this but this is what was at the end of my request to moorcroft. So why did they make it out to lloyds. I enclose a postal order No 000010 08 8002 89xxxxx the statutory maximum fee of £10. You have 40 days in which to comply. Furthermore, if I discover that you have levied disproportionate penalties against me or collected monies to which you were not entitled, then I shall be reclaiming them and also the enclosed £10 Data Protection Act subject access request fee.
  10. I sent moorcroft an sar as i requested the recording of the phone calls which they hold and the silly idiots made the postal order out to lloyds tsb and sent it back to me so the postal order is useless to myself how do i get the £10 back now please. The reason why i did this was because the ico said if they have recordings of phone calls on their system i am entitled to them.
  11. So how can they say its out of their control when the issue is the reply they sent me
  12. When i contacted the Durham department i quoted this. Due to the CCA1974 Request with a 12+ 2 deadline having past the reply will stand as the official reply to my request.(In my opinion is a clear defaut of the request)
  13. The bank would not communicate with me at all so i contacted the ombudsman and they instructed the bank to deal with alll issues the ombudsman informed us that they would probably take the case up if they did not do as instructed or 8 weeks passed from the letter.
  14. This is an image of the first letter they sent me and they have never sent me anything since even though i sent a letter with 3 issues on the only thing i have heard is from different departments 1 from durham which was for CCA1974 Request and also a reply from the dsar team. they will have no alternative but to answer the questions as i have requested. I am asking for my questions to be followed by a simple answer so it would be eligible for myself. If you are not willing or able to abide by this request please let me know in writing,within 14 days If I do not hear from you i take it you
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