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  1. What do you mean they have till the end of the month or be shut down?
  2. Hi When I do the letter I will cc in OFT and enclose all the emails that they have sent over the last month, I will not shrug this off as when I get a bee in my bonnet I will keep going
  3. Well we worked out a payment plan of £40 per month and still the texts arrive and emails saying bailiff visits, one said its because you paid it earlier than the agreed payment date ............... oh please....... and still texts and emails from NDR and Marshall Hoare Bailiffs --- hhmm same address and yet they do not know what each other are doing. Email then saying they had not received payment as it had failed on the 2nd May yet it came out of our bank and so called them after received email wanting to add over £300 of charges and they said "oh yes we have received it" strange that. Well now it's letter writing time that should these not stop then I will be taking them to court for harrassment!!! Any further help is greatly appreciated x
  4. I think the original debt was for something like £300. I wish they would make their mind up who is dealing with it whether it be NDR or Marshall Hoare as it seem the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. I will be compiling all the things over the weekend at least then it will be a 5 day period and then I will forward it all onto the OFT. We are paying what we agreed with Speed Credit and so they cannot ask for anymore and the £40 agreed also confirmed that no more interest would be added. We shall see what they come up with.
  5. we had a debt with Speed Credit (now no longer trading) our DMC were not dealing with our creditors as best as they should of been and so took the debts back ourselves. Speed Credit had escalated to over £2500. We contact Speed Credit who agreed to monthly payments of £40 to be paid on the 1st of each month and reduced the debt to £1600. Once they ceased trading about 4 days ago we receive an email at 04.16am requesting payment (we had already paid £40 to Speed Credit) and then another payment of £40 to NDR. The text said the amount outstanding was £1520 and that no payment had been received .... . thats funny as when they took the debt it was at £1560 and so take off the payment of £40 (which they say they have not received) takes it to £1520. We are now getting inundated with texts and calls saying the bailiffs will be calling ...... whatever ................ They took over the debt less than a week ago and already threatening Bailiffs, who happen to be linked to the same company. Lets see how this unfolds.. any help or information would be greatly appreciated.
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