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  1. Yes I will! Sorry for sounding a bit 'fik' but should I enter the local branch details at the bottom of the form and ask the bailiff to visit that address instead?
  2. SW London. If I can get the press down there I'll be sure to post a few pics if it all goes ok.
  3. I am just filling out the Request for Warrant of Execution form so I can take it to my local court. I've put Abbey's address as the same address I used on the other forms. However, I've heard of people sending bailiffs in to their local branches. There is a part at the bottom of the form which allows you to enter information for the bailiff. Should I instruct them to enter my local branch instead? I did speak to Abbey the other day and was told that the money would be credited to my account by the close of business that day. It didn't happen. Apparently the legal team were meant to call and they haven't bothered either. So I figure that they don't deserve a thing from me. The CCJ is now already registered against them for the next 6 years and it just means that it may take me longer to get my money, but the way in which I do will give me much more pleasure. I also told them I would be informing the press and will ask them to be in attendance.
  4. Aaaaaarrrrggghhh This is driving me insane. Abbey never called back and no cheque has been forthcoming. I called them this morning to confirm if I still had any accounts left open with them. I was told one but they money has not been paid in to that either. So effectively as of today Abbey have a CCJ registered against their name for the next 6 years. I assume I'll have to ring up the court tomorrow and instigate enforcement proceedings against them. I can't seem to find any info on this site about what happens in this instance. Is there any? I don't know what happens from here.
  5. I have just spoken to Abbey after holding for over half an hour. They seem to be busy in the 'complaints about bank charges department'. I wonder why? I explained that although the court has issued judgement against them, that they have failed to pay up and unless they pay within one month (which ends on Sunday) they will have a CCJ registered against their name for the next 6 years. And that on Monday I would be contacting the court and will be asking them to begin enforcement proceedings against them. She was very understanding. Looked at my details and confirmed that they have received court paperwork but nothing was on the system to confirm that a cheque had been sent. So she clarified my details, confirmed the amount that I have claimed and is going to email the legal department as a matter of urgency to get them to ring me either this afternoon or tomorrow. She showed obvious concern about the Sunday deadline so I expect to hear something within the next 24 hours. Hopefully it will be positive news.
  6. I'm more than happy to get the bailiffs in. But do you think it would hurt to call Abbey to ask them to send my money?
  7. I have taken Abbey to court. Abbey failed to acknowledge anything from the court. I received my Judgement for Claimant some weeks ago, and still Abbey haven't paid up. What should I do?
  8. wotnext

    wotnext v Abbey

    I still haven't heard from Abbey one way or another. What should I do?
  9. wotnext

    wotnext v Abbey

    I have today received the Judgement for Claimant form from the court which has ordered Abbey to pay me £658.40. Let's hope they don't ignore this one. How long do I give them to pay up before I take further action?
  10. It seems that Abbey decided not to respond to my claim so I would like to to get my Request for Judgement returned to the court immediately, but I need a little bit of help filling in the form. 1. Obviously I tick box A (which states that the defendant has not filed and admission or defence). Then under Box D (Judgement details) it states 'I would like the defendant to be ordered to pay'..... 'Immediately' (which I have ticked), but there are also two other options 'by instalments of £ per month' (no thanks) and 'In full by'... do I also tick this last one or just the immediately box? If I do also tick this one, how long am I required to give them to pay up? 2. Under the financial details it asks 'Interest since date of claim'.... Is the date of claim the date the claim was issued or the date it was deemed as served? 3. And then it also asks for the rate but in percentage. Using a calculation on here, it wasn't done in a percentage rate, but calculated as pence. What do I do? 4. I also want them to cough up by cheque. I did put this on my original N1, but am worried they will ignore it. Should I put a note on the form somewhere? Sorry for sounding a bit stupid but I am feeling really poorly at the mo and I'm desperate to get this done, but I want to ensure I complete it properly. My OH is poised and ready to shoot down to the Post Office to get it copied and sent asap! Any advice is most welcome!
  11. wotnext

    wotnext v Abbey

    I have just spoken to the court and they have received nothing from ShAbbey, and neither have I. They said that I now just return the 'Request for Judgement'.
  12. wotnext

    wotnext v Abbey

    I just don't get the banks at all. Hardly any of the cases are going to court and for each day they delay the court process, they are being charged interest - so the more they have to pay in the end. They must be losing loads of cash this way, rather than just paying the money up front.
  13. wotnext

    wotnext v Abbey

    I rang the court yesterday and they confirmed that nothing has been received from ShAbbey. Nothing has come in today's post either. They only have 2 days in which to send an acknowledgement. Do they normally leave it this late? Wouldn't it be great if they didn't respond and I just won on default.
  14. Hi charleyfarley. I am following the same process as you. I completed my N1 form and the court sent my Notice of Issue. The Abbey have until 16th March to reply. I haven't heard anything so far and I reckon that Abbey probably won't bother responding until nearer the 16th. It seems from other threads that they stall it for as long as possible.
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