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  1. Does anyone know what company comet used to use for their warranties before they went bust? or is it the same as it is now?
  2. But apple have no record of it being sent to them.... or any a joining company. eugh its just futile!
  3. My mum is the sweetest lady ever and would never hurt a fly.. the other day she came back home after a doctors appointment and was extremely upset as the GP she had seen was out right rude! She had voiced her worries and problems about her multiple symptoms and the GP barley spoke.... She was talking about some quite personal issues when he interrupted her and said "maybe a blood test will quite you about all these silly problems you've been blabbering on about!" Should a GP be allowed to say stuff like that? is there some way this issue can be addressed? apparently hes always like that but I don't like the thought that he's "poohooing" peoples worries? that might deter people from coming forward with their problems! Not how I think a doctor should behave. I understand its a stressful job and some people might be a bit of a hypercondriact (cant spell that word!) but shouldn't tolerance be a key part of being a GP!
  4. But should i have been made aware somewhere that the warranty would breach the manufactures warranty? or could i find someone liable if i can prove the warranty i took out and paid for covered me and this new one doesnt?
  5. I have had similar problems... i have been given this number to call.... 02070073394.... i only rang today and have left a message... no one has got back to me yet so it might not be any help but see if they pick up tomorrow (he might have been having a day off today!) How did you get the warranty group to admit ownership of the tv? i think thats what i might need to do with my mac but i dont know how to go about it!
  6. Someone please help! I'm running into some major issues with my extended warranty from comet. I purchased a mac from comet before it went bust... i took out an extended warranty with them and i swear they said if i got it fixed via their warranty it would be carried out by Apple or an Apple approved servicer. I had it fixed via the warranty but it wasnt with an apple approved service, this has now voided the manufactures warranty. I have a recurring graphics problem and apple said if i went in again they would replace my whole machine as they cant pin point the problem. (ive had a new graphics card an logic board and everything) so i feel that no matter what they replace my whole machine is just buggered!!! Ive checked all the ins and outs of the warranty and i get where apple is coming from.... but is there any way i can prove the warranty i took out with comet specified it would be fixed by an approved apple service? now they've gone bust i cant get a hold of any warranty information or anything? I might be wrong as they might have used the same warranty company before and after their demise but am i right in thinking they have passed over this warranty to another company? and if they've passed it over to a company that have different terms and conditions should i have been informed? and do i have a right to claim the warranty company is at fault and get them to replace my faulty product? Its all a right fandango... If comet hadnt of gone bust this would be so simple.... now its all confusing! I'm thankful for any help i can get! thanks!
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