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  1. Hi CB Right i went to the county court this morning and have the order made by the judge stating a discharge of interim charge order, also whilst there I picked up a certificate of satisfaction to show the judgement has been set aside. Right as i am in the process of moving I have handed these documents to my solicitor who is looking into it for me. Am I right in thinking that if the order states discharge they cannot then claim monies once I sell my property? As the letter they also sent to courts stating a withdrawal of charging order? Cheers in advance!
  2. Hi CB, It was from Neslon Guest & Partners, do I contact them as I don't have LTSB details, as the account was managed by Wescot?? Thanks for your quick response! I am going to call the County Court in the morning and ask for copies of the case files if I can, or at least view them to copy some more letters etc from the file.
  3. Hi All, I have been floating around the site for a while and need some help now... Basically the background goes, I had a CCJ forthwith judgement made against me as my paperwork got lost in the post, Lloyds then tried to do a Charge on my property, I produced over whelming evidence before the Final Order hearing and recieved a letter from them stating:- Dear Sir, We are writing to you in regards to the above matter. We wish to advise the court that the claimant (Lloyds TSB) and the Defendat (Moi) have reached an understanding and the claimant has agreed to withdraw the Application for a Charging Order. Should you require anymore information please contact.... This was back in January 2008 (letter recieved 29/1/2008), I appeared before the judge on the 4.2.2008 and she stated at that point the case had been dropped and will be set aside. I am now in the process of moving home and my solicitor has stated Lloyds TSB have a charge on the property, so all in all what do I need to do to sort the situation?? As i don't want to lose my new house over this error... any help welcome...
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