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  1. Is this possibly related? I got a PCN from Smart Parking on 13th May 2013 (for not parking within a bay) and received the customary follow ups from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd in June and July of 2013. However, today I have received another Debt Recovery Plus letter (3 years after the 'offence') stating they previously advised the account would be placed on hold for a stipulated period of time and that the account would now come off 'hold' and that if neither payment or contact is made by 11/05/2016, the file will be transferred to their legal team for consideration. At the time I wrote to Asda and
  2. Hi guys, Just curious as to the legality of the road markings on a nearby zebra crossing - not sure of the exact length of the zig zags either side but lets says they're 8 metres in either direction... ..except one of the four sections of zigzags is several metres shorter in order to accomodate a bus stop (ie. one side of the road has zigzags one side of the crossing running to around 2 to 3 metres, the other three run to around 8 metres). I thought the idea of these markings was to limit the risk to pedestrians and yet people can cross behind a bus whos rear end is only a me
  3. Hi all, Just thought I'd provide an update for info really (no other reason as happy to continue with ignore advice): 4 Apr 13 - ticket received 8 May 13 - notice (headed Notice of Charge - Do Not Ignore(!)) £70 13 May 13 - letter to Asda 14 May 13 - letter back from Asda (refer to head office, questions unanswered) 17 Jun 13 - demand for payment £120 1 Jul 13 - Notice of intended court action £120 15 Jul 13 - Reduced payment offer £96......speculative invoicing is one thing but the latter is practically a begging letter! There was a [consumer advice type of] programme
  4. If a passenger I picked up (I'm a taxi driver) is to be believed... She told me her car was lawfully seized from private property and crushed (reasons not given) yet she consequently took on the DVLA and won damages, with her defence being based solely around vehicle ownership and the Magna Carta. Is it correct that the DVLA don't just own registration numbers but that they also own all registered vehicles (as they do registration numbers) ? ....afterall it would kind of explain why I'm refered to as the 'registered keeper' rather than 'registered owner'... And if correct, what
  5. At the end of the row of P&T bays (next to/not on what I'd describe as white box junction type markings which they put down to ensure sufficient door clearence for those using pushchairs). In addition there was ample room for cars (and emergency vehicles) to pass either way and without hindrence.
  6. Next to (not in) the parent & toddler bays. Don't know if they apply on private land but as far as I'm aware I complied with all signage per the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions bumf (never really noticed the PPC signs - only looked for them after I'd discovered the ticket).
  7. Thanks guys, knowing I can expect nothing more than a lot of empty threats is reassuring. Will send off the letter to Asda (as per ignore) as soon as their first letter arrives Only thing now is to release the devil in me .... watch out Asda, I won't get mad but I will get even:mad2: lol !!
  8. Hi all, I have today received a ticket from Smart Parking Ltd (also trading as Town and City Parking) for "obstructive parking" in Asda's car park. Aside from argueing the definition of 'obstructive', is the advice previously given in this thread still valid - do I still ignore all letters (unless they're court papers) ? Only ask because the ticket now includes a landline number for 'advice or assistance on lodging your appeal' and mentions an independant adjudication service (POPLA) for PCN's issued after 1st October 2012 which to me suggests a possible legislation change (?)
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