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  1. Hi, I am getting ready to send my N244 off but just a had a couple of questions before it's signedsealed and delivered. I have added the a brief explanation as to why I am seeking a set aside on question 3 of the form, on question 10 it asks about the information I will be relying on, is it here that I would expand on the situation and provide more information about the fact that I'd not recieved any claim or judgement to defend as everything was issued to an old address, if so would this be deemed a witness statement, the statement of cas eor the evidence set out in the box? Should I also ask the court to provide me details of the original claim form? Thanks Caggers
  2. Can someone help me with an SAR please? Is this the same as a CCA request?
  3. Brill, thanks for clarifying, and apologies for asking so many questions!
  4. OK so to clarify, the set aside is on the basis that I recieved nothing from Wescot, aside from that process I need to contact provident with a SAR to find out where all this orginated from and Westcot don't need to provide anything to me or the courts?
  5. Hi, Can someone please confirm whether there is any onus on Westcot to provide details of any type of credit nagreement or instruction they have acted upon. Or whether at this point I should just deal with the court and the provident company? I'm a little confused as to how this works?
  6. Sorry also how would I pull together a SAR and should I send that to Westcot as well?
  7. Thank you unclebulgaria. I found out about 3 weeks ago but I haven't had the extra money until now to pay for the court cost of £80. So I'll send that off tomorrow. My address history on my credit file shows my current address clearly and has done since I moved in as my bank is linked also I have been on the E Roll for the last 5 years.
  8. Hello, My first post on here so please be nice I was hoping that someone might be able to help me with what to do next? I ordered a credit report and there was a CCJ on there that was added in July last year at a previous address that I moved out of nearly 6 years ago and since August 2007. I contacted the Northampton Bulk Centre to find out what is was for and they informed me that is was to do with a company called Westcot in relation to Provident Personal money agreement. I asked how this was possible with no notice or paperwork sent to me, and they suggeseted that I call Westcot to find out, I googled CCJ/Westcot first and came across this site reading some of the posts prompted me to post this before making any contact with Westcot. The court also advised that I may be able to apply for a set aside on the grounds that I didn't receive any paperwork. I have kept some of my old credit reports from as far as 2010 and there was nothing on any of them for Westcot or Provident not even a default notice of any sort. So my qustion is what are my next steps? I am looking to move house soon and I'm afraid that this may stop me from securing a property. Shall I apply for the set aside and also contact Westcot about what it is they have in relation to this debt? If so what's my best approach and any help on filling in the N244 form would be much appreciated. Thanks very much
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