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  1. In June 2009 I got a letter from RBS regarding my request under section 78(1) to supply copies of the original agreement set out under the consumer credit act. We regret to advise that the agreement has been misfiled and despite searching our records we have been unable to locate it. Notwithstanding this agreement remains valid, and we expect you to meet your obligations under the agreement. We should point out that if you cease to make future payments as they fall due we will report your default to the credit reference agencies. Section 78 (6) unenforceable on
  2. Just checked default notice 14th August 2009 and last payment made June 2009.
  3. Thank you BankFodder I was worried about contacting them in case I make things worse for myself.
  4. No it’s not on my credit file. There is still quite a few thousand pounds on the statement I receive each month, no interest being put on. Can I statue Bar this account. Thank you
  5. It’s been 10 years since I contacted RBS for my credit card agreement which they haven’t got and I received a default notice then, I haven’t made any payments and I haven’t contacted them since then But I keep getting the statements every month they come to me by post. What should I do to stop these statements coming to me. Many Thanks
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