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  1. Yes - I think getting something in writing is essential. It doesn't make any sense to me either. He really doesn't stay with any of them any more than a night or two a week. I think the JSA are just trying to get him off their unemployed figures. But my son, although reasonably intelligent, seems to have been convinced they can stop his JSA. Even if some he stays with are claiming HB - that should still not affect his JSA. It didn't when he was at home. He's 24 BTW.
  2. Hi - My son has been homeless for a year or so. He cannot live at home - because of regular violence to himfrom his younger backwards brother. We have extended family units in the area and with his friends there are places he can sleep most nights. He can also sleep on the sofa here from time to time - but not too often. After more than a year of claiming JSA as homeless, the local office are now claiming he he cannot prove he is homeless and therefore they are cutting off his JSA. They also say they will visit the places he says he sleeps to see if they are entitled to "rent" space (although he is paying nothing to anybody for sleeping at their homes). This will devastate him. I haven't a clue how these JSA people think they are entitled to do this. Can anybody help me here? References to the law and government guidance would be useful too. Thanks.
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