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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. not really. I couldve got the paperwork signed by her before it was released, durint the time period before when the funds were released, I didnt bother to as I knew that the paper work would be signed at some point that day. Obviously, I knew the question around would the paperwork be signed or not was never an issue, as it was to be signed. The reason the whole thing came to light was because I told my boss we couldnt find the agreement and she needed to print one off so my mum could sign it again. with regards to me passing judgement on other peoples finances - what year
  3. Silverfox, Thanks for your comments, thats more like what I was looking for! Thanks, Jimmyboy
  4. Lol, I love that you commented over a span of nearly an hour. Im glad you have spent time thinkin about my dilemna! I have aterrible singing voice, so no adverts for me, and my bank didnt have singers on their adverts lol. I understand where you are coming from 110% with your attitude toward bank staff,, but you surely must see we were just doing our jobs, much like a traffic warden does their job. If you have a look on this link, you'l see im not tnat bad.... http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?p=27725437&highlight=jimmyboy#post27725437 I like your co
  5. Hahah ohh hso thats what it is:"but worry about the morals of some bank staff especially those force feeding loans to people like me who shouldnt have been pressured to have something they didnt want." You think im one of those that would just convince you to take something out? I actually ALWAYS made a point of making people better off, if it didnt make them better off (ie SAVE THEM MONEY) i wouldnt do it - thats how I was so successfull. Regardless of all of our conversation, and you very strong opinions, I would really like to know what the law says about this. Abbey is now
  6. gets worse? My mum agreed to get the loan in my name to help me with ever increasing debt. I applied for the loan myself, and was knocked back, even as staff. I told my manager I was experienceing financial difficulties (which we had a duty upon us to do) - he appealed the loan in my name but was still unsuccessful - this is when my mum stepped in. I think that from the outset, you have thought something was "dodgy" about this loan. It wasnt, IF it was, I wouldnt have repaid it, would i?? I have only asked a flipping question, and was eager to find out what peoples views we
  7. On the basis that we have gotten off on the wrong foot - no, I probably wouldnt tell you this ( in the nicest possible way!) x
  8. "My perspective is that this loan was for a family member which has been paid back. It comes accross dodgy indeed that you are trying to use your experience of this loan to say you know no cca exists and therefore could your relative or whatever claim the money back that they paid back, very sniffy." The loan with in my mothers name, but the money was for me. As I said earlier that loan was repaid using the funds from a secured loan, which paid off all the unsecured debts I had. I actually saw an old client of mine, just on Friday and explained to him what had happened and we
  9. Wow, some very abrupt comments! The reason I was dismissed was because i TOLD them the funds were released 2 hours before it was signed. I then took the company to an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal (and settled before we got to court) given that I had actually worked there for nearly 5 years, and always been extremely good at my job (winning countless awards and being one of the top advisors in the UK). I made an effor of judgement - for which I OWNED up to it, and apologised. There was never any malicious intent from my end, and as I said the loan was repaid almost immediately.
  10. This loan has already been repaid. In fact it had been repaid before I even lost my job! A summary to what happened: A loan was keyed for a family member of mine. (I did not process it as I was not allowed to, and the family member DID consent and go through an application over the phone, with my colleague). The funds were released from the loan account into the current account roughly 3 hours after the application took place. Approx 2 hours after that, the loan agreement was signed. One month later, that loan was replied. Approximately one WEEK later, my manager at the time w
  11. Nope. Ah mann, I feel bad for keeping up with the payments now then! Cheers
  12. Hi all, I used to work for one of the main high street lenders. Whilst working there, I took a loan out. This agreement was never signed, and the loan funds were paid to my account. Since then, I have repaid the loan early, but have just been made aware of the hype around unenforceable loan agreements. Is there any way that I can reclaim that money that I have paid? The reason for the loan in the first place was to consolidate debts that I had accrued working there due to the fact we were always taught the attitude "debt is acceptable" (I was only 17 when I started there, back in 2
  13. I just felt wound up that they would send me cheap wine through the post. Another thing that shows how sincere their apology is is the fact that they cannot even spell "Piccadilly" correctly?! Makes me chuckle. I recieved a letter today saying that these incidents are extremely rare...ooops...wait, this is the branch that was on watchdog for binning sacks full of confidential waste in December! I wonder if they wil send the refund cheque as fast as the wine??
  14. woah im in shock! When i ordered my statements from Natwest, they just handed them to me (6yrs worth) with no ID or security, so i told them about it in my complaint and how illegal it is. Next minute, a delivery guy brings me a nice looking package, i open it to find that theres a natwest box saying 'sincere apologies for behalf of the team' from the manager of the branch in question. Oh thats nice, i think...Only when i look on the internet (like you do, to see how expensive it is) i see its 'chilean value brand of the year. Now what do i do?!?!
  15. I changed the words on my agreement, inserting that i accpeted the settlement in full only to compensate for the charges because there are other issues that I am taking up with them, that will be alright won't it? James
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