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  1. I know this a bit of necro-posting, but this issue is still actually ongoing. They've backed down to approx £450 so far, I still think this is too high. I've moved now and receiving no further communications from them or any debt collection companies whatsoever. Am I lulling myself into a false sense of security?? Worked through a lot of my other debt problems lately, not had any more loans or anything, but since writing some stern letters pointing out regulations they've flaunted, it's all quiet on the western front!
  2. Basically because, aside from Giffgaff, it's the best deal out there. And at the moment (you can confirm this via googling local news) the other major networks are also experiencing rather lengthy outages as of late. The joys of living in rural towns of no major importance, eh! I understand about the credit rating thing, and that withholding payment probably wasn't the wisest decision, but needs must - and I'm confident that "you can get reception outside of your hometown" isn't a "reasonable attempt to provide service" as per my contract Ts & Cs.
  3. Just to add some weight to my point about it not being an isolated incident, here is a news article from the local paper: www .northdevonjournal.co.uk/EE-Ilfracombe-residents-left-mobile-signal-month/story-22863146-detail/story.html Please note this has gone on intermittently since June and is still not resolved. Sorry I'm unable to post links so had to break it up.
  4. Hi all, new(ish) to the forum so apologies if there are stickies I've not had time to read. This is quite a long one but basically EE (obviously including T-Mobile and Orange) in my area (Ilfracombe, North Devon) have had ongoing problems with rubbishy signal since mid June. That's issue #1. Issue #2 is that a few months back my account was erroneously changed from my rolling SIM-only contract to PAYG (apparently they had a call from "me" then they admitted it was someone else and the details had been entered onto the wrong account) wishing to change from contract to PAYG. Also the account name had been changed. I believe this to be a serious data protection breach. I found this out when I received a text saying I'd run out of credit. After some faffing about on the phone they admitted the error and gave me £5 credit whilst they tried to sort it out. After switching me back (1 week later) they recommended a put a password on my account (I did). All sorted you'd think.... nope. A few weeks later I had my bill through. It was for £249.49! After working out the charges on the itemised bill I could see I had been charged for all the calls etc made during the period I was wrongly on PAYG. Ouch. After a number of broken promises regarding callbacks, they finally 'froze' the disputed amount (minus what I actually DID owe) then said someone would contact me again regarding actually getting the amount officially wiped off. I called them not long after to moan (yet again) about the pathetic signal I'd been getting, only to be told that the amount HAD in fact been wiped off just that I hadn't been informed. After demanding to speak to a team leader because - in all honesty - I was ****ed off that nobody had told me, they offered to remove my line rental cost for the next 6 months (plus around £17 I actually did owe at the time) because of THAT matter (not the signal matter - which, by the way, has been affecting many others locally). I even had to find out about my own grandmother's death via Facebook because family members who live in London could not get hold of me! After a few more calls (each with them giving different reasons for the dodgy signal, some even denying it completely) they told me there were issues with 2 masts locally and that someone would call me with updates.... guess what? This didn't happen. I then called them again and was told there'd be no updates on the engineer's visit to the mast until mid November and because I could get signal outside of my hometown they were still providing me with a service. Disgustingly I told them I rarely leave my town due to health issues, I was (not in quite so few words) told that it was "tough". The call centre operative again spoke to a team leader and was told that because a) I receive service outside my locality and b) I was already receiving a discount, there was nothing they could do. This signal issue is not a case of slightly bad signal, my phone regularly cuts out and tells me I'm not on a registered network etc. The service has become so unusable that I decided to withhold payment for 2 months which is approximately £17. I tried to make a phone call yesterday only to find out my outgoing calls have been barred due to non-payment. Basically I'd like some advice as to what to do next, because I feel there is no justification for them charging me for a service I'm not receiving. I've researched sending a "letter of deadlock" which I will promptly do if it's the next appropriate step in my case. I know forum users often say NOT to withhold payment and claim it back at a later date but I'm having to top-up a PAYG phone on another network so I've a phone for emergencies, so cannot afford to pay what is in essence a bill for scotch mist! Hopefully that makes sense, and thanks in advance.
  5. I could use some letters that would be brilliant. They've started texting me now, too.
  6. Wow. I was not expecting such a helpful and quick reply. I'd feel a lot better about enforcing my rights if I didn't tell a porky in the first place, mind you. I've not got the time to write a proper reply now but thank you very much for your response and I shall follow your advice. I don't see how people cane be so sure that I won't end up in jail for fraud, though. It is fraud, what I did, right? Thanks again! Seriously, it's actually taken a big weight off my chest. Ah one quick thing: the charges do appear to be in line with the terms and conditions, though. I.e. a few attempts per day at collection, a charge for each etc. And interest. I calculated the charges and it does correlate with their terms. Is it possible then that the terms themselves can be deemed unfair, even though I signed to agree?
  7. Hello all, I'm new to the forums so please bear with me. Firstly, let me request that judgemental posts and posts advising me what "a ******" I am be kept in your head. This entire problem was cause by terrible judgement on my part. Let's say, hypothetically, I obtained a £100 loan from Minicredit by giving them false employment information. Gave them a normal monthly wage, the company's full and correct contact information, and falseified NO documents and made NO effort apart from filling in a fake wage and real company contact information. I could not pay the loan on time. I actually applied half out of curiousity, and half out of sheer desperation of not being able to eat and heat, having exhausted my assistance from the social fund. When the money was awarded to me, I spent it believing that I would pay it back when my next benefit payment went in. I was then sanctioned (the reason I dispute, but this is irrelevant) and could not pay. Anyway, to cut a long story shorter, my loan was due on October 15th 2012. I could not pay. I noticed the balance slowly (at first) increasing, so emailed Minicredit to ask they froze the interest (like Wonga did in the past, which I obtained lawfully, by the way), otherwise the part-payments I made would not actually lower the balance of my loan, not even a little bit, due to exponentially increasing interest. And charges, but I'll get to that. They of course refused. Minicredit eventually blocked my account, but continued sending me emails. You can't send a question to minicredit about a general enquiry without choosing from a drop-down list of questions. All of which end up in a (pathetic) automated reply email. If you log in (which, of course, I couldn't) you could send a custom question. I am skint (hence the reason for the stupid decision in the first place) and do not have a landline and hardly EVER top my mobile up. So I couldn't call the number on their site. This left me out of contact with them. Now, this is where I'd like to re-iterate: I know what I did was bloody stupid. But having said that, I still think the following is disgusting, as it would be the same for someone who wasn't dishonest. Initial loan: £100. They deducted a fee for "fast transfer" even though fast transfer is free, and I didn't see an option for any other kind of transfer, I definitely didn't select it manually. So I ended up with £85. Long story short by roughly Jan/Feb this year the balance had reached £1066. I cannot believe it. My irresponsible decision has left me with a debt I have absolutely no chance whatsoever of paying in a reasonable time-frame. It has been passed to Opos limited, who to be fair have a decent website and seem relatively professional. But I have some issues with them: 1. In about 3 weeks of constant emailing to [email protected] and a "Vicky Johnston", I have had about 2 maybe 3 replies. They do appear to be ignoring me. I also filed a dispute over the amount via their website's dispute form, as £1066 is surely unlawful, if not it's still quite immoral (I know, hypocritical of me, I agree). They've now sent me the "Intended action" email, threatening "Debt Recovery Service". 2. The reply I did have once from them asked me for income/expenditure. If I'm honest here, and tell them I am in receipt of only £55 local housing allowance and £71 Employment and support allowance, will they shop me for fraud? Will they report back to, or check with, Minicredit? Because Minicredit will tell them they thought I was working. I could do without being jailed for fraud. Again, I know I probably deserve it, but please believe me when I say the intention to pay was originally there. So in short: Do I give Opos the truth or will that be making a rod for my own back? I apologise for the length of this email, I am now very concerned that my stupid stupid idea has lead to me apparently facing very little option but to pay £1066 or end up in court for fraud. Please could somebody advise me on any ideas to perhaps get the amount down? Get a small repayment plan agreed? I have other debts but this is the largest and most worrying. Thanks VERY much to anyone who reads and considers replying.
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