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  1. The company is call MoneyWay, what do you mean with HP? Thank you for your support
  2. This is what happened to me since I placed an order from Ebuyer for a Samsung TV 40". Monday 11/03 I placed an order for a Samsung TV UE40EH5000K with a credit from finance company. Monday 11/03 Order dispatch is emailed to me Tuesday 12/03 No attempt of delivery, no card from courier Wednesday 13/03 In the evening my wife found a Yodel card under the door saying that the TV was left outside the flat in a “safe place” by the Yodel driver. I would like to highlight the fact that the “safe place” is not inside my home and it does not even have a lock. Later in the evening I sent a complaint to YODEL about the lost TV. Thursday 14/03 I called to Ebuyer Customer Services to make the official complaint and spoke with Ebuyer Customer Services who asked for a picture of the Yodel card and he said that your team will have to investigate the case. Later that day I received and email from the Manager Director Assistant saying that she will give a solution to the problem by Friday morning. Friday 15/03 My wife received a call from Ebuyer, she was practically interrogated about the details of the problem as if any of us would have been at any point in contact with the lost TV. She also provided Ebuyer with our Landlord’s phone number in order for him to provide more information about the story the Yodel Driver had given as statement. I am sure by now you would know that his story was completely unreal, there was no decorator doing any works at my place. This time my wife treated really badly by your team, she was left completely distressed, the solution Manager Director Assistant promised did not seem to arrive and she did not even have the courtesy of writing an email or making a phone call to say I do not have a solution, she preferred to leave us in the limb, completely stressed and without the item that in good faith we had purchased from your company. The same day in the afternoon I received a call from the Yodel driver asking if we could talk about the TV. The question here is How did he get my telephone number since the number we provided Ebuyer was my wife’s? At the time of making the complaint I provided Ebuyer Customer Services with my telephone number, which I assumed would be kept confidential. To make matters worse that night at around 9pm the Yodel driver knocked on my door asking me to remove the complaint I presented to Ebuyer and promised he will refund me the money of the TV in order to keep his job. I already had his phone number and name because of his call earlier in the day, as Ebuyer provided him with my details still now I feel completely at unease in my own house, unhappy to know that this man could pay us a visit at any time. Saturday 16/03 The landlord, gave me a call, quite upset, saying that the Yodel driver had given him a call asking for details about the flat, about us, about the other tenants of the building. My landlord made quite clear that he never allowed my wife to share his phone number with Yodel. How did the driver get the telephone number? It is clear that Ebuyer provided the Yodel driver with my landlord’s phone number. Monday 18/03 It has already been a week since I ordered the TV and I do not have it in my possession. At last I received an email form Manager Director Assistant saying that the TV will be delivered the next day, in order to avoid further problems I ask for the TV to be delivered on Saturday which Manager Director Assistant agrees to not without mentioning that Ebuyer is giving me a token since I am not being charged the fee for a Saturday delivery; it is amusing to learn that after all the stress that the lack of commitment and responsibility showed by your company has caused my family I have to say thank you for not being charged with the delivery fees. Saturday 23/03 By midday the TV is delivered to my place and my wife signs the delivery record trusting that the item would be in perfect conditions; the box seemed to be OK, looked fine and since all my family wanted was to leave this nightmare behind my wife signed for the delivery again in an act of good faith. I was back home in the afternoon just to open the box and find out that the screen of the TV is cracked, there is a big chip on the glass, which obviously makes the TV of unsatisfactory quality. Later in the evening I wrote, again, a complaint to Manager Director Assistant about the faulty TV sent to me attaching pictures of the item. Monday 25/03 It was midday and no one from Ebuyer had contacted me so my wife made the decision of giving Ebuyer a call just to be told that she was not able to make any complaint since the TV order was placed by my person; again, this is unbelievable, the previous week my wife had been talking with Ebuyer all the time and now she is not eligible to make a complaint. Since I was working I had to ask my employer to give me 30 minutes to make a call and again I am told that more pictures are required. Ebuyer's Customer services does not consider the stress I am going through and just said that the pictures I sent were not enough. I wonder if this kind of Customer Service is appropriate considering the nightmare my wife and I had have to go through just days ago. Tuesday 26/03 I received an email form Manager Director Assistant asking again for more pictures, this time she asked for pictures of the whole TV. At this opportunity I called Ebuyer asking for any calls to be made to my wife since I cannot use my mobile phone at work. Wednesday 27/03 My wife contacted Ebuyer in the morning, she was treated in a very unconsidered and impolite way, no information was given to her. In the afternoon she called again after receiving and email from Manager Director Assistant saying that Ebuyer does not have the responsibility of replacing the TV since CCTV recordings show that the item left your warehouse in perfect order, as you can imagine my wife broke down and started crying because of the fact that we spent £416 for a TV and at that time we were being told that we did not have the TV nor the money and the trader who sold us the TV does not recognize its responsibility on providing us with an item in perfect conditions. We were advised to contact Samsung since they could repair the TV for us, we consider this advise completely inappropriate since we have never placed and order to Samsung for any TV we have purchased, we placed the order and we paid Ebuyer and we consider Ebuyer is the one to replace the TV. We have told Ebuyer hundreds of times that the TV arrived to us like that, screen cracked, and since we trusted your company to provide us with something in good condition my wife did not open the box at the time of the delivery in front of the driver. I do not think people do open boxes before signing for deliveries, it is called act of good faith, most traders would provide an item in excellent conditions. I would kindly request someone to give me some guidance in this problem.
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