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  1. Thanks for the response, that's a very long time. They told me at the tribunal it would be around 6 weeks. I am not sure what to do next my esa runs out in two weeks
  2. Thanks for all your kind Replys, and I am sorry about all the missing spaces I was in such a state when I posted these. How long have you all waited for your statement of reasons? Mines been over ten weeks now, I contacted them and got told they were working on it, that was over two weeks ago.
  3. Thanks for your responses, I have now sent a request for astatement of reasons. The bit I just cant get my head round is with all the evidenceplus what I said to them all pointing at 50 meters, even the judge clarifiedthis and repeated it so I cant see how I could have been put down for 100meters, it all sounds so trivial but unfortunately for me it’s the differenceof being in the work related activity group or support group.
  4. Hi all I have been looking around your forums for some time, butnever posted. This all started for me last march I was on incapacitybenefit and have been for 4 years due to back problems and knee problems, I gotthe form to fill in march. Then Got called in for a medical, they tried to get me tocome in early with 30 minutes notice when I said I couldn’t get there in timethey reluctantly agreed I could keep original appointment. The medical report was of information that quite frankly theyjust made up. And said I scored o points and should just use a wheel c
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