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  1. There only is so much you can predict, 15 years and 1st ever accident rather seems to confirm that, also it's the first year I have decided to protect my NCD, lucky me. That's why I don't like too much what happened. Still - does anyone know is green car changing a lane and any link to Highway code about it. I can't find anyting.
  2. I guess I just start making YT videos, having your story in mind
  3. I have actually asked completely different question. I wanted to know when one gets to this Y shaped split into 2 lanes without broken line in the middle, is it changing lanes [opposite to merging traffic] and where is he write up about it in highway code? You lost me here. I was the green car being overtaken over painted chevrons. And it's not like in the picture this is where it happened. Today driving there with dashcam already @king1234 I got recorded another car doing exactly same manoeuvre like the guy that hit me [yes this is how I see it] Sh
  4. sad and true - but I have decided to complete the paperwork for insurance company and draw situation on the road, in case something goes awkward, to then support my case. But I have a question. In this situation - DO I CHANGE LANE?
  5. I had this - cars were following some big truck at about 40mph in 60 zone and then just ahead is the first possibility to overtake straight into 70 zone. everyone is taking right lane. I usually have a solid distance to preceding car and when I was doing it - just along the white line - guy behind used painted area to try to get in front of me and we brushed sides. He has damage to back side of his car around back wheel arch, I have damage to side at front between door and front lights. INsurance advisor was only suggesting that as I was changing lanes
  6. That was some timeago I like seeing myself final solution in threads... so... For 2 years I kept my phone in a drawer, but it was worth it. After dealing with Ombudsman [might be 8-24 months can't remember], I was asked to send my broken phone to someone. Then I was paid for the phone the amount it was worth at the time of attempted claim, also on top of that Bar.clays paid something like a 100-200 for making trouble.
  7. Yes, address they have is correct, as it is in the footnote of this message from first post. Also every year they send me Council Tax and any amendments to my address. I'm actually thinking about challenging ill complaint procedure, I can't imagine myself selling something on e.bay [or any other distant selling retailer] and saying to a buyer 'Now it's your problem' -- "My policy says you have to exhaust all possibilities to find out what happened with my mail to you" I can imagine if I was provided in response all necessary details to complain to RM, well I might consi
  8. I was going to check on my insurance with Lifestyle Services Group [set up through Barclays account]. Firstly when I went onto Lifestyle Services Group login website it didn't recognize my login credentials, then when I wanted recover password [in case I forgot] it didn't know my login [e-mail] at all! Then when I attempted to recover account by providing bank sort code and account number - it claimed it never was set-up! [same account whole life] When I called them they can see that I had my old phone insured trough Barclays but no sign of new phone insurance. Only that I have had ca
  9. Ah OK I was going to contact them if no better idea will come up I will do it somewhere else so I can keep records of communication, but not yet thanks for your reply
  10. Hi I will try to say it as short as possible due to late hour I was going to change energy supplier, so in order to get best possible estimates on comparison website I searched for a first bill I submitted in my newly bought house about year ago. But when I digged into it I found out that provider issued to me wrong meter readings. They switched LOW and NORMAL readings on E7 meter. From my calculations I could underpay between 200-300 quid as I almost never used night tariff. The switch/mistake was not really possible to happen - as during this time I had 3 meter readings by a a
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