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  1. gurdip virdi and martin pittaway are currently trading as midland elite cars then some adverts on same ebay user id state coventry cars and ebay user id is covcarz gurdip virdi is a complete coward he never comes face to face when dealing always gets his joeys to do his dirty work
  2. he has various business names that he has traded under.the latest barbercars, same site longford road coventry...
  3. This is just a warning for anyone buying a car from this guy... STAY AWAY he calls himself Dave his actual name is Gurdip Virdi and his partner is M Pittaway he uses mobile contact numbers he is well known to trading standards Coventry, he was featured in The Conventry Telegraph in April 2010... i cant post the link here but go to our friend google and type his name G Virdi coventry car dealers fined and you will find the article this post is merely to warn people thinking of buying from him to be very careful if you have been ripped off by him DO NOT be afraid he is well known to trading standards report him immediately
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