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  1. Hello, This is what the letter actually says: The telephone number was passed onto us by our client and has been removed and further contact will be in writing as requested. We have not purchased this debt but act on behalf on our client Lowell Financial who are the legal owners of debt. When this was passed to us for collection we were unaware of any dispute on the account and to be able to investigate further and resolve this matter we require full details of the account in writing within 14 days. its dated 9th April 2013, I received the letter on the 11th April, so I
  2. Hi Lowells are the company who have bought the o2 contract, Debt Managers are the people chasing me. i did copy the letter that I sent to Debt Managers also to Lowells. Should I write to Debt Managers and tell them my dispute is with o2 and see no reason why I should have to give details to them regarding my dispute. regards SSs
  3. Hi, Back to work and lifes busy. I have the facility to block calls from them Debt Managers (services Ltd) and Inow have done. I sent them a letter dated 30th March, of which I asked how they got my private number, and to strike it from the file because I will only communicate via letter, I sent it via recorded delivery, they continuously phoned me through different telephone numbers for 5 days one day they called 9 times. They have now received my letter and have replied confirming they have taken my telephone off record and will only communicate via letter. I did write in th
  4. hello. I wonder if anyone can give me any advice, I have returned from a short break in dorset today to find several telephone messages and 2 letters from Debt manager services ltd, sometime ago I took out a mobile phone contract with o2, when the phone arrived I had several problems with it, it went back to be repaired, the same problem happened with the phone, in the end I rang o2, told them i would be returning the phone and wanted to cancel the contract, they said I had 6 months to run on the contract and said I had to buy out the rest of the contract
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