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  1. Hopefully i won't have to pay anything. Will wait and see. And Poundland yes thats a good idea!
  2. Thank you Sidewinder that was a very informative reply. I shall take on board your advice. I hope my sister has learnt her lesson!
  3. No the police weren't involved. So i guess we will just ignore any RLP letters. Thank you for your advice
  4. Thank you Honeybee. I hope my sister doesn't get a big fine/invoice because i'll be the one who ends up paying it
  5. My sister was caught shoplifting in Boots today a face cream worth £15. She has been told by security guard that she will receive a fine in the post. Do you have any idea how much this fine will be as she is currently claiming Jobseekers allowance and is very worried that she won't be able to pay the fine. Any help will be much appreciated.
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