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  1. no there no hr dept only employs maybe 10 people in the office and 70 mobile fitters i will speak to them on tuesday when we return to work and try to sort things out amicably before contacting a solicitor i just needed a definitive answer to if he could legally deduct my wages without permission
  2. yes the judgment is against my employer only the only discussion if you could call it that was my md phoning me up and saying i would have to pay then when i spoke back and said i will be seeking legal advice as i was not at fault and asked for written correspondence he hung up the phone then i receive my wage slip yesterday with deductions titled LOAN (i have no loan of anything from my employer and never have had) so all i can think of is that they have paid said amount to the court or who ever and then made up paperwork to make it look like i have paid it and they have loaned me t
  3. basicaly what happened is in july 2012 i was driving a company van (i work as a mobile tyre fitter) to a job short version of events i was called to a job that was roadside in some road works so i approached roadworks put on my flashing beacon and hazards then signaled to enter into the coned of area of the roadworks and continued to do so. as i was pulling into the road works an elderly gent tried to follow me into the coned off area and when i braked to a stop he ran into the rear of my van no heres where it gets messy when the accident happened there where 2 witnesses that where
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