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  1. OK, I'm just worried that if I ignore this it goes back to hmrc and I owe the original amount again and can't fight it due to my lack of evidence.
  2. Can you elaborate? If these guys are offering me to pay half the debt to clear it completely and get the hmrc off my back why do you advise against this. What are the alternatives? Thanks for your help
  3. Quick update, Sar was sent off but heard nothing back until today when I received a letter from past due credit asking for half of the money to clear the debt. Should I deal with these people? I don't believe I owe anything but paying half to get rid of them is tempting! If I continue to deal with hmrc they still may want full amount or may refuse to deal with me at all?
  4. I arrived home yesterday to find an unexpected letter from HMRC requesting I pay them over £500 for an over payment from April 2009. My issue is that I wasnt aware that this over payment occurred as it would have been paid into my ex-gfs account I have no idea how to proceed I have no evidence which explains why there was an overpayment or even if what they are telling me is correct. I split up with my gf in early 2010, I have since moved house multiple times, have changed bank accounts etc and do not have (or have ever had) any documents relating to this. I
  5. I recently sent my phone to back to HTC for a repair under warranty as for the last 3 months I have had issues which were as if i was repeatedly and rapidly pressing all of the buttons at once, the screen was going crazy and i was unable to make a phone call or send a text message. The day after the phone was collected I received an emailed quote from HTC demanding nearly £150 to repair the phone. Naturally I called them to find out why I would have to pay this charge and understand why it wasnt covered by the warranty. I was told that the phone had a known hardware fault known to
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