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  1. Hi all, thank you for your replies. Really appreciate people trying to help. To answer your questions; when I was in the back room, a police officer was called straight away without me saying anything or being given a chance. When the officer arrived, he did try to reason with the security guard and say it was all just a misunderstanding, however, the security seemed to have a vendetta against me. He began to list many other actions of theft I had 'committed', although I hadn't even been in the country at some of the times, making it clear to me that this man was not going to acce
  2. Hi there readers, just wanted to start this with a plea; please do not judge me by what you are about to read. I am fully aware of how it sounds, plus after reading other's threads, I too have jumped to conclusions. My background is that I am a full time student, this normally means 'poor' or 'desperate for food', however, unlucky for me yet good for my finances, I was left with considerable inheritance. I am 22 years old and consider myself to be well brought up and a well dressed, middle class girl. (sorry if that sounds ridiculous, just want you to know the facts) I am writing
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