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  1. Thanks again for the insight. So, when I contact the credit card companies to inform them that I can no longer make payments, how should I word the email? Is it really worth giving them my current address or should I just remind them that I am not a UK resident, I never held a UK citizenship and only had a TN national insurance number? My goal is to start repaying the debt in 2014. It would also work in my favour if the debt is sold and I negotiate something with the new creditor? My guess is that any correspondence they may send will go to a very old address and then just get r
  2. But the likelihood of a judgement being taken on me? Also, how long after I stop paying do the debt collectors come after me (are we talking weeks? Months?)? Won't I have an opportunity to eventually settle with them before it goes as far as a court?
  3. Thanks again. So let's fast forward 3-4 years down the road. How will I know if one of these credit card companies is after my debt if I do not receive any post in the mail?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. The fact of the matter is that I will want to begin repaying the debt once I am able to afford to again (perhaps in the later part of 2014) - should I even consider that because I will most likely not receive any post they try to send to me in Canada (only addresses they may have are old ones... so how will I know the status of my outstanding debts?) A few more questions... 1. When I stop making my payments at the end of this month, what typically happens? 2. If they have my address in Canada (or can find me), arent there reciprocal agreements with C
  5. Hi Everyone, Im hoping that someone on here will be able to provide me with some insight. I left the UK in 2009 with 3 credit card debts of approximately 3,000 gbp each. Since leaving, I have been making minimum payments and have not missed a single payment to date. However, finances are becoming extremely tight and I can no longer afford to make my minimum payments. I am a Canadian, I live in Canada and as far as I know, only 1 of the 3 credit card companies knows of an address I had just after returning to Canada. I no longer have that address though. If I stop making my
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