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  1. Thanks green and mean. I have read section 25C ; -A notice of variation shall be given by publishing it at least once in a newspaper circulating in the area in which the parking places to which the notice relates are situated at least 21 days before it is due to come into force. I take it a letter 3 weeks before the paid permits come into force is not a notice of variation? I will double check that there was nothing in the paper.
  2. Ok thanks guys, I will ask the question to the council and will look at the 1984 act.
  3. Hi Michael, I am fairly sure that no notice was put in the paper. The council said they did not have to do ANY consultation as the residents were part of an existing parking permit scheme and a TRO and consultation is only required to set up a new parking scheme. I would like to find out if this is true and also legal.
  4. Hi, My local council has started to charge £25 per parking permit as the road I live on is part of a residents parking permit scheme. Up until now the permits were free, the scheme was set up to allow residents to be able to park outside there homes as employees from a local bank were taking up many spaces. The council voted at cabinet to charge residents who were already part of a parking scheme in order to make some money and cover costs of administering the scheme. There was no consultation on this and the first residents knew about the charges was at the start of December when the c
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