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  1. Hi It depends on the job, but generally speaking if you have a disability or health condition you are not obliged to share this with your employer. However, it is usually better to be honest with them so that they can support you and generally be more understanding if issues arise. I would not inform them at interview but if you are offered the job you may wish to mention it then and notify them of any reasonable adjustments you may require. By the way, do you have any support from a mental health charity? Some of them have employment advisers who can help you with thing
  2. I took out a 24 month contract this time last year. I moved into my new house a couple of months ago and most of the time there is no signal whatsoever. I have to go up into the attic just to get one bar, and even that fluctuates. There is also no signal at my parent's house. What are my rights? Am I able to end the contract early? Thanks.
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