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  1. cheers for all the feedback and once again appologies shane for high jacking your thread. my directions questionaire was due in for the 1st july, mine was submitted and i received a copy of the defendants so i know both were filed on time. I've not had any calls or letters from anyone yet, i was just trying to get an idea of how quickly things move. thanks neil
  2. I believe it's a telephone appointment with the small claims mediation service (as listed on page 1 of the N180 form) thanks
  3. thanks for the reply, i got sent their copy of the directions questionaire and they've ticked the mediation box and filed in all their contact details.
  4. Apologies for gate crashing your post shane but I wanted to ask a quick question. How long did it take for the courts mediation to be arranged? I’m in a dispute with a company at the moment and returned my directions questionnaire before the due date of 1st july, does it take long for them to make contact? thanks
  5. it's showing default date 14/06/2012, and the only name on the entry is hsbc
  6. Quick update…. We checked on noodle and the debt is showing as HSBC but only lists my friends name, there is no mention of her ex partner. What’s the best course of action?
  7. cheers for the extra feedback, we're going over it tonight so we'll find out who owns the debt. with the offer of a discount from the dca my first thought was that they probably owned the debt but best make sure. don't think the ex is going to deal with his part of the responsibility so best bet is find out who owns it now and set something up so there's an agreement in place that leads to a full and final settlement of the debt.
  8. thanks for your time and advice i'll crack on tomorrow and let you know what we find
  9. I've fought the fight with energy suppliers a few times and am at war with my telephone provider at the moment... all with good advice off you lot the lass in question wouldn't let me help before, lets just say i put my foot down today
  10. sorry just refreshed the screen... as i've put above she doesn't have any other debts, she set up on her own two years ago and everything is paid bang on time. it's just this bank debt thats the problem
  11. I agree with what i've read on here that they're sharks, just want to get a plan of action for tomorrow so i give the right advice. the lass has worked hard these past two years paying everything on the nose bang on time, she wants this debt cleared and has kept up with her side of the payments, unfortunately the ex hasn't and at the end of the day it's in both names. whats the best plan of action if the debt is owned by (a) the bank or (b) the dca
  12. no worries at all more information means more power to fight the system. thanks for the input
  13. i'll get one drafted first thing in the morning... could it be that the dca owns the debt and they'll make money even accepting a lesser amount?
  14. i'll find out when exactly they got the od, sorry to sound daft but what bearing would this have on things? trying to help a mate but i'm learning as i go
  15. What are the best course of action if it’s (a) still owned by the bank? (b) owned by a dca?
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