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  1. I have tried to make a payment to vodaphone and as usual information doesnt get passed round and have been told there is nothing they can do when i had set up an agreement with lee. Lee you didnt fulfill the agreement with the collection agency and now im back at square one again.
  2. Well i sent the email to vodaphone and all im getting is different people in there team asking what my problem is, i tell them and non of them will help so i dont get the point of them telling me they will help when they wont
  3. I said to vodaphone im willing to make payment with them. they just dont care anymore. i just think what great customer service they are when someone is in need.
  4. you see the story behind this is i went abroad to work for 7 months and had my mother look after the phone for me, her name is on the account but the account is in my name. now i have just spoke to her and she has told me she hadn't been able to pay them. now i know she was going through difficulty's recently but i had totally forgot about Vodafone and that she had my phone until this letter came through. I have just spoke to Vodafone and they cant help, they just said would i like the number for the collection agency. ERRRRM no love im not having any contact with a collection agency i will only do it through Vodafone, she replied she cant do anything i don't know why LEE FROM VODAPHONE who is above me is saying he will look into the matter because they don't help anyway, I didnt get an email or anything from them regarding this matter while it was going on. let alone a letter. Now they knew my circumstances that i was going abroad as i told them, this was the reason i had my mother on the account. why didnt they just cut her off instead of carrying it on without question.
  5. I have stated i don't acknowledge the debt and yes they did send the cca fee back to me, Should i take this matter up with Vodafone. i just dont think they will accept what i can afford or just wait to go court and offer them minimum as possible or the other option is offer the collectors 20% of what is owed to clear the debt as i know they buy them for peanuts. THIS IS IF they can prove im the debtor. Funny though how they send such a threatening letter of bailiffs and court action then i send them a prove it now they have sent such a totally unthreatening one back. Im not the type to bow down to such donkeys
  6. i want to make them know that im in power as it came out of the blue and its £1,350 which i dont understand, i cant afford to pay that so i want all the proof i can get, so please instead of giving me a link i would like advise to keep them away. or at least make it hard for them. Make them work for it because im not a person to give in. Thanks
  7. I have sent a prove it letter to FPC over a vodaphone debt, on there i requested for a copy of the signed contract between me and vodaphone and also an invoice from vodaphone to them but now they have sent me a letter saying i have to get my own copy of the contract between me and vodaphone. Should i reply stating they haven't complied to my request a nd ignore them or dont they have to sent me a copy of the contract. what my rights, Thanks
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