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  1. thnkx for ur reply but i have read on many forums that they will go to the county court and saw his losses by using cctv tape and they will demand the fixed price which i have to pay in certain time. thankx for your time in advance.
  2. i got a letter from drydenfairfax claiming for 86 pound. on 5th april, i have not responded to them then they sent the other letter on 18th april, they have given me 7days for paying the money otherwise they will tell their client(M&S) for recovery with any option. I am very scared will they go to the county court. I know i have admitted my guilty and now i have a simple caution too. will they treat it as a proof against me. i also want to know in this whole process probably how much time it will take..
  3. they have taken me to the basement office there they have taken the finger prints and the saliva test also clicked my photo because i donot have any kind of photo Identity card with me. i am on Dependent Visa.at that time i was feeling that i have did a big crime...
  4. In future i will try not to come in UK because its my Dependent visa for 1 year.i am so ashamed off. i think when i will apply for extension i have to mention this Simple Caution given by police in Visa application which i cannt do bacause of dependency. I have to live here for 3 more months want to know would the police will disturb me any more at my home.
  5. i was caught in M&S they called the police and the checked my entire bag he found the stuff which i was stolen from M&S .And they are asking for the recepiet of other stuff which was not found. I accepted my fault with guilty and shame. stuff is from other different store. they have told me to sign a Simple Caution because i donot have the photo id because of (Dependent visa). Now i am feeling so rediculous i cannot be able to tell this whole story to my family. I want to know how it will effect to my visa processing. And also i have read on different
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