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  1. I have sent off two letters (preliminary and lba) to citicards requesting 297.00 in charges. They have made an offer of 250.00 odd in full and final settlement. If I take them to court my charges + interest + court fees the total is nearly 600. I would prefer to get my charges and interest back. My question is, is it worthwhile pursuing in court, will they pay up easily, or will it be hassle, dragging on on for months, in which case should i accept their offer? Any advice appreciated.
  2. Hbos will pay up - i calimed successfuuly againt Halifax cards and Aqua cards - both paid out before court Good luck!
  3. Sent prelim letter 14/01/2008 Reply received - bog off letter 'we will only give you half back' from Monument 22/1/2008 Submitted form N1 to court on 31/1/08 Received Defence on 13/02/2008 Monument agree to settle in full inc 8% interest on 14/02/2008 No need for AQ's, court dates etc Was shocked as thought this would drag on... For those claiming against Monument, take heart and keep battling on!
  4. Hi CatwomanYep, I finally got my fees back from them. They're quite easy to refund....other like Monument and citicards aren't!You should have no problems claiming back from them!Good luck!
  5. I phoned the BC customer relationship manager this morning and enquired about getting my statements, explaining to her that I only received statements May 2004 onwards from my previous S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) request. She informed me that the information commissioner had changed their stance last thursday (7th Dec) and that Barclaycard will now comply and that I will be receiving ALL my stements originally requested. Result! So get phoning people! At last we can put this microfiche argument behind us! Good luck with your claims
  6. Took out a loan with citifinancial back in 2002. Sent off CCA to them to get copy of original loan agreement. The loan was paod off in 2005. They wrote back explaining they could not find it and returned my £1 postal order. Is this a fob off tactic? Legally aren't they supposed to keep records for 6 years? My question is: what are my legal rights and what next steps can I take?
  7. I had a couple of loans with them and paid them off about three years ago. Rang up my local branch yesterday to ask for the old loan account numbers (which I got) and the woman on the phone was asking questions like: why do you want this information? I don't understand why you would want this old information as its been settled blah blah...told her it was for my personal info...nosey b*tch! Sending off my SAR & CCA today....I reckon there were loads of charges on my account and WILL get them back!
  8. Sent off SAR to Monumental B*stards on 3rd October...got a reply back within a week saying they would investigate and I would get a reply back no later than 8th November. On 9th November (today) I got a letter back saying they needed until 6th December to investigate my complaint (SAR letter). Standard fob off delaying tactics? Have sent them letter as per in template library requesting they have a further 7 days to send me the info otherwise will be proceeding with a claim against them for non-conformity of SAR request. Don't let them fob you off with pleas that they need more
  9. I opened an account with NatWest going back to 1997. I took a personal loan out with them at the same time but due to circumstances I fell into arrears. Subsequently they lumped both my loan and unauthorised overdraft together and charged me a borrowing rate of 29.5% on the entire loan & overdraft combined (basically a consolidated loan). I paid this off between late 1997 to early 2001, but recently going back through my old statements, it would appear they have made some massive miscalculations on the interest amounts they were charging me. For instance they would charge me 2 sets of inte
  10. Do you know where I can get the address of who to write to? Is is the complaints officer at citifinancial in salford? Cheers
  11. Yes I believe you are correct. Same thing happened to me. Re-financing existing amount (which is made up of the monthly instalments) then adding an advance plus the PPI. They are meant to confuse poor customers. Whats so tragic was that I went to get a loan to clear my existing credit card debt....only to find out later that the interest rate I was paying to citiloan was HIGHER than the highest credit card interest rate I was paying!!! DOH! Wont be making that mistake again! Did they point that out to me when signing the agreement? Hell NO! They are cheeky sods who will try and wring
  12. Hi I'm now in the process of starting a claim. 1st offer received 245.00 against 1080.00 claiming. Rejected. 2nd offer received 505.00. Won't bother replying as I will just start the claim for 1080.00 plus all that lovely interest! My advice is to follow the procedures and use the templates in the forum. LBA etc. If nothing heard back from them (they will probably offer a dersiory amount first), then start your claim and stick to the timetable. Good Luck Will donate when I hopefully get my money back from them.
  13. Hi Yes this is exactly what happened to me with Associate/Citiloans. Had a sizeable loan with them and they forced me to take out PPI otherwise wouldn't get the loan. Am going to proceed with the DPA letter and see what goes from there. I think they charged me near 1000.00 for PPI that I never used even though I was made redundant!! Sharks...the lot of them!
  14. Hello I had an agreement with the above company for a vehicle on a hire purchase agreement. I had agreed with them to terminate the contract early as I had fulfilled at least one third of the agreemnt (kept up payments). The contract was terminated at my request and vehicle given back to them. I was well within my rights to exercise that option. They then defaulted my account (this is going back to November 2003) and it has been marked on my credit file My question is: can I get this removed and how do I go about it?
  15. Have sent prelim letter to Halifax Card Services asking for 1030.00 back in late fees/overlimit fees. Here was the response: As per the terms and conditions of your original agreement, that you signed to confirm that you had read, understood and agreed to be bound by, a late payment charge of 25.00 will be apllied to your account on each occassion that the minimum payment is not received by the due date shown on the statement. In view of the aboce, I regret to advise I am unable to refund the charges in question as they were applied to your account as per your original agreement.
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