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  1. Thank you for your kind words and no i'm not a troll and as mentioned i like to speak my mind. Helping is in my nature to which you'll see if given the chance but again like i've said before what help did Ian need?
  2. It sure is but the best course of action is to inform the courts then they'll give the best possible advice.
  3. write a nice letter to the court to tell them about the new fine and ask for their advice? They'll tell you 100% what to do.
  4. I personally think that so called "fat clubs" can be a good thing for certain individuals as fighting weight loss with someone else is better than doing it alone as you can set targets which are easier to keep if done together. My only arguement is that Weight Loss is something that needs a strong willpower and something that you really have to put your heart and sole into it. Losing weight can be tough and sometimes you stray onto fatty foods again and with your body craving such foods then your weight will be easily put back on.
  5. Good goly man this is becoming personal. LOL How can anyone not post on this thread with the headline "Kidnapped by Asda for refusing to Show Receipt on Exit"? On one of your previous posts you say that people come here for help and to be fair other than his thread i really think the man needs help but defo not from you or i. I won't post on this thread again as i hope you now know where i stand on this. Parting words "Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Game".
  6. I'm very sorry to hear your situation and hope that you get sorted. No person deserves to be homeless and there are plenty of people out there who are willing to help you. Do not be bullied by this person and if you feel that they are doing something wrong then you need to report them to the police as you may be in trouble if they find drugs in the house. The police will also be able to offer you advice and also the citizens advice. Please don't think you are alone in this and i hope you get sorted soon.
  7. That as got to make you laugh? Vouchers LOL. Were they spend £40 and you get £5 off? LOL
  8. In this instance you are right that i'm not helping the op but to be fair i don't really think they need help do they? Let me ask you this? Does the OP need your help or were they simply venting? My conclusion reading his full post is that they are venting and not wishing for help? I've not come here to argue with anyone but to give an honest account of what i see and if that's something that won't be tolerated then the exit door is looming.
  9. I'm with the majority on this thread that it seems a little weird that although you have been banned from this chain for shoplifting that you'd want to go back? If it was me i'd stay well clear of the shop regardless if i iked it or not.
  10. Ok Pimpy. If a member of staff (mainly security) thinks anything is untowards with a customer whether it be there not fit to be in the shop or they think that a customer hasn't paid for an item then they have a duty not only for themselves but for their employers to make sure that they take the appropriate action. Whether that is removing them from the shop, asking to see their receipt or phoning the police then so be it. As mentioned before if the member of staff thinks that there is a problem then they are there to sort it out. If someone asks me for my receipt then if i think the
  11. It's easy for me to sit here and say don't do it in the first place but totally understand that people are less fortunate. My advice would be to try and get legal aid. http://www.justice.gov.uk/legal-aid
  12. Not sure the creams will be as good but at least she might be able to afford them? All the best
  13. That's all well and good and yes on ocassions you have to feel sorry for people in this situation but this thread in question is about someone who got kidnapped? Did they ever release them?
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