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  1. At this point is worth asking for proof of the debit when speaking to the solicitors?
  2. I said email as time is running out The court document says I have until the 27th to pay. This has come out of the blue, yes should have informed them but I hadn't heard in ages, only recently moved house. I appreciate what you are saying
  3. How forceful will I need to be? I will be speaking to an admin person and not an actual solicitor? do I git them to email a response? and give them my new address.
  4. the orginal default is may 2010 we signed with a debt management company and then few weeks later the marriage split up
  5. So this still applies? does requesting that they set it aside at their cost. I take it that effectively cancels the ccj?
  6. so that the claim form issued 7th june 2019 last payment 28th may 2013
  7. the claim form from the court is the 7th June my last payment is 28th May. think that's to close?
  8. I searched through my bank statements last night and the last time I paid the debt management company was may 2013, not 2011 as I thought. The CCJ is dated 26th july. Does this mean I don't have an argument for statute barred? thanks again
  9. thank you very much I will get on it. I appreciate all's time and effort thank you
  10. my credit file is empty all the way back to January 2013 regarding previous debts no default markers or payments I think the oc is Lloyds but I don't have that info
  11. Just wondered if I could check some how so it was beyond doubt.
  12. who can I ring for last payment date? When I ring the solicitors I imagine it will be a secretary/admin person how do I ensure if they say yes we will. That they do and they carry it out? just imagine that it's sorted and then another letter
  13. you say defence you mean go to a solicitor? or can I contact the court direct? If I can defend myself and delay when the ccj should be paid ie2 weeks. I would be interested. I am worried that if I do start this I will still get a bailiff visit in a few weeks. Don't want my new wife to have the hassle from my past.
  14. yes the 6th june but I collected it yesterday with everything how does it make a difference anything I can do now? I paid DMP for a year I imagine summer 2011? clicked on the link but it appears broken thanks
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