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  1. hi. I took out a 100 pound loan with community payday fell behind with payment after been poorly. had other financial problems too. received only 1 email after mg debt had been passed on to mh bailiffs. this was 18 months. had voicemails and texts saying I will be getting a bailiffs to my door within 7 days. never had one. got paid on a Friday checked ny balance on the Saturday. they had gone and taken 156 pounds from my bank without me knowing about it. phoned them spoke to a woman only for her to tell nr how it's all my fault. she kept talking over Me so I demanded to speak to someone higher up. a Man called back ten minutes later saying it's all my fault and there is nothing he was willing to do . to say he shouted at me was an under statement . I'm hoping citizens advice will be able time help as the bank said they can't retrieve my money as it has already left my account . this wasn't a direct debit either. has anyone else experienced the same ancient does anyone know if this is legal????????????
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