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  1. Do not take a loan from Toothfairy Finance. These people are (Edit) They make it difficult for you to contact them, they do not send you any contract, they do not send you a reminder. They very quick to start threatening you with legal action, and phone you up and threaten to come to your house to collect the money. I repaid my loan of £400, which became £616, the next working day, after the repayment date. Too late they said, and i now owe them £1048. They phone you up, and threatened me. They start taking extra fine money from out of my account. I am now having to change my bank account, to stop them from taking money out of my account, without my permission. If you want a loan, you are much better off going to Wonga, or UK Payday, i have found them to be good, no problems. This Toothfairy bunch are rotten, do not do any business with them. Also, do not go anywhere near Smile Finance, or My Loans, they also help themselves to money from your account, and they do not answer their phones, or answer emails. But they do answer the phone, when the bank calls. So get your bank to call them, or ask your bank to reverse the charges.
  2. Hi ToothFairy Finance are a terrible bunch, and i will not do any business with them again. I borrowed £400, i did not pay on the exact day, but i did pay the next working day. But that is too late, and they claim that because i am 1 day late, i now owe them £1048. When you contact them to complain they say, sorry but i`m just the computer operator, you must speek to a supervisor. The supervisor is never available, and it is very difficult to contact them. They also make it difficult to repay your loan, with their dodgy website, and they do not send you any contract, nor an instruction "how to re-pay", or make it clear to you. The thing that irritates me, is that they have all your contact details, but do not make any effort to contact you, nor send you a reminder. They are very quick to start taking legal action, and then start helping themselves to take extra money from your account, but not for the actual loan re-payment, but only for the amount they now claim you owe. Where do they come up with these extra charges ? Who do they think they are ? I`m going to fight them, not pay them any extra money, if it goes to court, and i tell the Judge that i did pay in full the next working day, they should throw it out of court. The extra money they want, they will have to get it from getting themselves a real job.
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