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  1. i know this is a really long ago comment but im desperate to know how you did this? my partner had items with BH before we got together and stupidly i put them in my name to reduce the weekly payments (does this mean Ive signed a NEW agreement or just a REWRITE?) and were currently 3 weeks behind with 48 phonecalls so far. Im refusing to pay them until ive read some more info on here and know what im actually talking about because we have service cover and the DLC on 3 out of 4 items and they were completely mis-sold to him. surely if i can reclaim this money back it can come off the amount w
  2. Hello, I have 2 different questions to ask please: Firstly, my mum has 2 items with BrightHouse, one mobile and one 'smart ' computer. She returned home from a weekend's holiday yesterday to find her home has been burgled and both items have been stolen. Her contents insurance won't pay out as she is a couple of weeks in rent arrears and the insurance is through the council tied in with the rent. She's in total shock a the moment as the home was completely trashed and is loathe to go in a nd speak to BH due to finding their customer service appalling in the past. Sh
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