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  1. Just an update to this: Received another letter last month, starts with: "Dear sir/madam You have not responded to our previous letters. We want to ensure you have the information you may need before a hearing is set at your local court". Right, now I'm a little worried however there has been no inspection in between this letter and the last one. How can they possibly threaten me with a court appearance when they haven't even come to check whether or not I am indeed watching "live TV" as they put it.
  2. Hi, The flat which I am currently sharing (with a friend who is a serving officer in the army and I am sort of house sitting for him) recently started receiving letters from the TV license folk. They first sent one letter in August to say that they have been writing to the 'Legal Occupier' and have had no reply so the property was being investigated. I ignored this letter as it was nonsense, it was the first time they'd written to us and besides I do not watch or record live tv despite owning a tv set which is used just for netflix and games from my ps3. They wrote to us again t
  3. altobelli you just single handedly made my mind up for me:roll: haha only joking. if I go i will insist that I'm there no later than october . I don't know how useful HR would be here, the only rep I spoke seem to be very hard-faced and was keen to point out if you leave inside 2 years you have to pay back their investment i.e. the training costs in me.
  4. Hi yes maybe you are right and I am over reacting. It's just the timing is a bit off as I really want to be around for my sister, and Glasgow is so damn far away and I fear I will be cut off from my family and friends. Fortunately it will be from April to October so I'll get to enjoy summer there.
  5. I'd like to stay with the company as I don't really want the hassle of having to find another job. My manager has tried his best to not get me on this project but apparently the client is very keen on having me and wants to meet me face to face before it is confirmed. Yes it would only be for the first couple of months after her operation that she would need as much help as possible after which my parent should be able to manage and I would be happy to relocate to Glasgow.
  6. It is quite a large firm, FTSE 100 listed. I am not the sole carer , my mother usually looks after my sister and will continue to do so, however given the recent decision for her to have the operation I stressed with my line manager that it was imperative for me to placed closer to home so that I can help take care and be reachable in the case of emergencies as my mother does not drive and my father works on the road full-time but erratic hours. I agree about the training costs. This actually their graduate scheme that I am on but its more like graduate exploitation. I doubt they ca
  7. Hi I signed a 2-year fixed contract with an IT consulting company in October after completing their 8 week training programme which also required me to sign a 'training contract'. Part of my job requires me to geographically flexible and for the past 6 months I have been. However recent developments back home mean that I need to move back in and take care of my sister who is mentally handicapped and is undergoing an eye operation in April. Now, my company wants me to move to Glasgow for 6 months after already being in Southampton for the past 6 months, while originally bein
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