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  1. thanks for your wise words sangie, i agree and think the same with all you have said....this whole thing was emotional for me as i saw it as a personal attack from someone i knew and liked. so lots of lessons learned through this for me. and about the union, i am so pro-union and always had the intention to join, i've always thought of it as an insurance too. just something i didn't get round to. i know that they only represent their members, but i had been advised that sometimes they can sometimes act for a collective, but that's down to them. agghhhhh. woody guthrie would not be proud of
  2. when i said closing ranks...i don't mean that he won't be helping us, if he says similar to what you have and i hadn't sought your advice, i would be thinking the worst of him and i don't want to do that...i want to see if what different people say matches up to get the best perspective
  3. i was stupid in not joining a union sooner, we're in a small town and my manager happens to be a friend of friends etc. we've socialised with him at parties. i trusted him, thought he was decent and joining a union didn't seem a priority. i'm so angry at myself. i have joined now, but obviously it's after the dispute has started. don't worry, i don't think many people would see the way he has handled it to be, at least, fair. i understand that it's your role on here to tell us as you see it, you've the experience and i'm happy to take your advice or to ignore it and not think that you
  4. hi, thanks for the reply. i can be hot headed and i'm trying to do this in far more reasoned manner now....hence seeking other advice other than what i see as fair, because that's not necessarily the law. i know they don't have to pay for "snowdays", that it's not really a thing...i mentioned that i know that. it was just a bonus....which was from the headmaster, it was then our manager who decided that we would owe those hours....which i know they are entitled to do. i doubt the headmaster even knows any of this is a problem. my issue lies with them now changing their minds a
  5. hi there, i'm having an issue at work about payment for "snowdays", back in january. i work in a private boarding school as a lunchtime supervisor. back when we had a day of snow there were members of our dept. that obviously couldn't get into work. we don't get paid for sick days or days off so no one was expecting payment, and we know that the employer doesn't have to pay them as a sign of generosity the headmaster agreed that we would all be paid for the one day that we couldn't get in. lovely until, our dept. manager said that although the headmaster has agreed this
  6. we phoned the court, we have to go to the actual court to sign the statutory declaration, they've put a hold on the case for 28 days for us to do so. they phoned the bailiffs to advise. signing that will set things right from the beginning again, where we will go to court with our budget sheet and, hopefully, set up a payment plan, and a bit of extra luck a lesser fine. so that's that sorted. thank you for all the advise. with regards to the bailiff, mr harvey...he phoned my partner, all jolly and rather nice...said "oh you done the right thing going back to the courts, worked
  7. thanks a lot for getting back unclebulgaria (fan of the wombles myself!!) i shall see what the courts have to say...just don't want the bailiffs coming back, i hear under these circumstances they have a right to force entry and i've got 3 kids under 5
  8. ok, thank you. so if this visit does not count, what about the fact that the distress warrant ran out before he came. does it have any effect on how we can deal with this, maybe getting more time if they need to go back to court? what about the 6 months grace period? i have also been advised that we should get a statutory declaration (as we didn't receive a summons) under section 142 of the magistrates court act that we would have been fined in absence and no means of payment taken into account. this would then set the case back to the beginning and we may be able to get a lesser
  9. Hi there, Just looking for some advice of where we may be able to go with this. A bailiff from Marston Group, Mr Harvey, called at my house on Saturday in regards to having the car untaxed on 3 occassions, 2 in 2011 and once 2010. He said he had a distress warrant. the list of what he showed had 5 incidents on there, 2 of which seemed to be duplicated as the same date was shown. They want £1500.0 from us. Now to be honest, when the incidents occured I was in a bit of a state and was hiding debt letters from my partner. I can't remember what came through and what I hid. I h
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