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  1. Shop direct file shows as zero balance and settled with no payments history apart from one entry at £0 arrow is the following. £955 £1,115 £0 £1,195 £0 £1,275 £1,355 £1,435 £1,595 £1,675 £1,755 £0 £1,835 £0 £1,479 Thanks for the help btw
  2. Thats the first time I have spoke to them as I wanted to make sure of the account balance. I have now wrote a letter to be posted tomorrow offering £450, the original debt was registered at £1479 they then added £335 charges and they have already took £880 in past payments. Is this a fair amount or shall I go higher?
  3. Thanks for your reply.. Default date was 9th September 2011. After speaking with them today the balance is currently £955 so not a great deal of money. TBH I Really need this off my credit report its the only thing on there that is causing issues, i haven't made a late payment on anything since 2010. The quickest way would offer them a sum of money like you said, but how much is fair for a Full and Final settlement?
  4. This is a long story that has dragged on 3 years so il try and condense it down as much as I can. Arrow global issued a default against me in 2011 for a debt that I can't remember having with Shop direct. I stupidly kept paying them monthly with all my other bills until 9 months later I was going through what I owe and couldn't remember this particular debt. I sent them a letter requesting a CCA. They replied saying they didn't have one and now the debt is not enforceable and they were unable to collect money from me. I then sent them a SAR to help prove my case that the default should never have been applied. The responded with loads of template letters, not one had my name or address, none had to amount owing. It was literally template letters. I requested numbers times for them to remove it but to no avail. Now skip forward to last week when I am trying to get a mortgage for the first time and this default for £950 owing is causing me huge problems. I was advised by my mortgage advisor to just pay it off or offer them a small settlement figure. I wrote to them stating that i do not accept responsibility for the debt but i would like the default removed. I offered them £300 as a Full and final settlement. Their reply came today, stating that they do not need a signed copy of the credit agreement and that i should refer to the Carey -v- HSBC judgement with Judge Waksman. they have now attached a copy of a unsigned credit agreement, with my name at the top (longer version of the name on the default). they are now referring the matter to a DCA and want the money paid up in full. How do i respond to this? They themselves have admitted they cannot collect. They don't even have an amount I owe them when i requested a SAR. they surely can't just pluck up a old court case where some judge decided to accept an unsigned credit agreement. Can i tell them to stop all collection until I have the correct legal advise? thanks for any help
  5. I had an account with littlewoods/NDR they refused my payment as I could only afford to pay £5 a month at the time. NO letter of default was ever sent to me. I was never given an opportunity to get the money together before they slapped it on. I would have gone cap in hand to my parents if it meant me not getting a default. After reading up about cca's I asked arrow to provide one but they were unable to and also stated littlewoods couldn't provide one also. So they stopped taking payment from me (around £150 a month, for around a year) Now both littlewoods and arrow cannot provide any documentation certainly no default notice. The only documentation that has ever been provided has so far been template letters. I'm seriously thinking of going to a solicitor about this even if it costs more than the default amount as the documents they have provided and have on me are laughable. I really wish I could show some of them!!
  6. the original debt is suppose to come from Littlewoods or very. It only appears on my Credit file from Arrow Global LTD. A default notice was not issued from the original creditor nor from Arrow. Arrow have admitted that they have no right to collect money from me anymore as they or Littlewoods can't prove the debt is owned by me. (if they can't prove the debt is owned by me they certainly can't be putting a default on my credit file!!)
  7. I need some urgent help with Arrow Global. Some Background: They issued a default against me on my credit file back in September 2011 i stupidly started paying them even though they never sent me any documents only one telling me to ring them. After I started getting better financially and got a better job i started questioning Arrow Global and asked for some documents. They were unable to provide any and therefore stopped taking money from me. I kept pushing but they refused to remove the default and provide a copy of the default notice. I issued a SAR and they replied with loads of documents all templates. NONE had my name or address, amount owed, nothing linking me with this 'debt'. not even a template default notice. Where do i go from here? they have stopped me for two years now from getting any sort of normal interest credit. I have contacted the FOS and they have sent me a letter to fill in but they said it could take at least 6months before it gets properly assigned to anyone and i'm desperate we are desperate to get our first mortgage and to stop wasting money renting. What i need urgent help with is whether or not to give arrow one more chance to take the wrong default off before i go down the FOS route. I have written a rough letter that i need to send tomorrow before i go away for work for the next 3 weeks. Could anyone give it a quick read and see if i'm missing anything important or whether i should just go straight to the FOS. THANKS!!!! Rough Letter:: Thank you for your co-operating and providing all data you have against my name. I am deeply concerned as the documents prove you have not issued me a default notice and ALL letters you have against me DOES NOT contain my name or address and does not state any amount owed, they are template letters. This therefore makes it impossible for you to be able to take money from me from the beginning let alone issue a default notice against me. I am however willing to take no further action if the following points are met with 14 days. Please confirm, in writing on letter headed paper, the following points will be carried out; • The Default Notice will be removed • The Status of the account will change from “Defaulted” to “Settled” • The Current Balance will appear as £0.00 • The Default / Delinquent Balance will be set to £0.00 • There will be no date in the “Defaulted Date” field (as it will be removed) • There will be no date in the “Date Last Delinquent” field on the report • This will apply to all 3 Credit Reference Agencies, namely Experian, Equifax & Call Credit As I have mentioned in past letters, if this ‘default’ is not removed from my credit file, I have promised to report this to the relevant financial authorities. I will process a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and will also ask for any money paid to you to be returned and for compensation from yourselves for severely damaging my credit rating and preventing me from getting a mortgage for 2 years, if this matter is not resolved within 14 days.
  8. Thanks for your reply. I sent a letter exactly like that, they replied saying they don't have a cca. Then sent another demanding the default was removed, they replied saying they sent me a default notice (they didn't attach a copy of it, I believe they actually refused) and said they wernt removing it. I'm sending another off tomorrow demanding a copy of the apprent default notice, and asking them how they can issue one if they do not have a CCA. I've given them 40 days to come up with something or I'm taking it as far as I can regardless of cost. I'm sick of the way they treated me. and I've sorted myself out now and can afford to do something about them. I've also just read that I should have requested a SAR so I've done that as well. Was you dealing with arrow global when you got your default removed?
  9. Yeah the debt was with very. But very refused my payments as they were too small apparently. Paid them what i had anyway, next thing i heard was the debt was with arrow global (no letters i had a nasty phone call off moorecroft) and when i looked at my credit file i had a default placed. ive been asking them now for what seems like an eternity to remove it as they themselves admit it was put on wrongfully. If it wasnt for their vile phone calls saying they will make me live on the streets etc. then i would pay it off without question. Problem is i need that default off asap. is there any letter templates that go along the lines of, 'im willing to make a token payment of £200, if you completely remove the default you placed wrongfully with all CRA and close my so called account with yourselves. this is not admitting the debt is mine' thanks for your reply
  10. Hi, I have a default on my file from arrow global of £955. I sent a 'Prove it' letter about 4/5months ago and they responded saying they have no information on me, that they are looking for it but in the mean time they wont pursue me for money and they are not removing the default. trouble is now i cant get any credit at all. Im thinking of paying them a sum for them to completely remove the default. how would i go about this? what sort of offer shall i make them? are they to be trusted not to chase for the remaining amount? has anyone else done this with arrow? sorry for all the questions
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