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  1. According to TVL's own website & FOI answer's, it is perfectly legal to use A TV. colour or otherwise (or freeview box) to listen to/recieve RADIO channels EG Freeview channels 701 & above, with no TV licence - basically, no licence is needed for radio, you must not of course use this TV to watch TV programmes. They do say you should not use a recording box without a TVL. That is the way it is:-)
  2. Freeview TV aerial plugged in? Yes, power on? Yes, Tuned to a Radio channel EG Absolute radio, NO LICENCE NEEDED (TVL website) Tuned in to ITV3, LICENCE REQUIRED (TVL website) You could not make it up, yes the TVL is unenforcable & should be stuffed into the rubbish bin of the past.
  3. Yes, you have seen through it all, problem is - the gravy train, which is the BBC, has a lot of idle passengers that do not want to get off & earn a proper living, The law supports them in this wastefull situation - can you just imagine how unbiased the BBC would be, when it was reporting that the TV licence law, was being abolished as it made it's way through another corrupted organisation: The houses of parliment:lol: Of course, that is what should happen, with the BBC being split up & sold off, or at worst - a non demanded Subscription, let those BBC lovers pay for it!
  4. Yes Snowy, the "Dirty dozen" (+) BBC beeboid PR shower are mostly pretty busy on DS trying to excuse the inexcusible waste of Licence payers cash, to come trolling on here. They seem to be resorting to insulting any DS users with a different Pro-BBC view to the Dirty Dozen. I agree with you that as the BBC is steadily having to wash it's dirty washing in public, many (even the gullable) people are starting to see through the BBC's combination of Unreported sex scandels, corruption, greed, waste of Licence payers cash & their whole "Not living in the real world" attitude, all this again
  5. I think there might be quite a few people about these days, who like to watch live TV, but do not want to fund many of the activities that have been going on at the BBC: Bullying, Paedophillia, Tax fiddles/avoidence, greedy expence claims - the list goes on. They cannot legally watch Live ITV, C4, C5 & other live broadcasters, without also funding (With the TVL) the Corrupt BBC - which still has lots of "Yewtree" potential prosecutions hanging over it. They have a Dilemma! They do not wish to fund illegal activities:!:, but the achieve that, they may have to be illegal themselves.
  6. I'm afraid "Beeboids" Always worship the BBC & it's licence - they also like to promote the "Sheeple" attitude that as you say : "just because everyone else does" Lemmings over the cliff, that is how I see it.
  7. It is indeed the best policy to get rid of these & other Doorstep salesmen. If they do not listen to: "Not today thank you" Then a "Go forth & multiply" usually works. L.H.
  8. Just Add to the BBC's woes, it seems Peados are involved in Eastenders production - you just could not make it up. High time to close the corrupt organisation down. & Porky - what do you call yourself on Digital spy? Time to "Fess up" You could redeem yourself a bit, by turning on your BBC bosses.
  9. Typical of the DS trolls, They are never wrong - even when proved wrong.
  10. True, but but there has been evidence that withdrawal can lead to a search warrent - Capita thinking, "He has something to hide" but the choice is always yours.
  11. Or link to: http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check/viewtopiccontent.aspx?id=TOP12&iqdocumentid=TOP12&WT.mc_id=r001 It's all the same:lol:
  12. That is because it is an from "ACT" of parliment:wink: Yes, it is thanks to the Snow, that this troll has been uncovered!
  13. http://www.tvlicenceresistance.info/forum/index.php?topic=4850.5; You have hit the nail on the head there - The "Mikw" (I spoke to them & solved it in 5 mins) story, is old an & worn out Digital spy quote from another BBC spokesman, but this is how they try to get you on their TVL Phishing hook - Live long & stay in the River, is the best Policy by far.
  14. Hello Bob, I'm on my 450th investigation I should think - I've lost count since 1974 - And yes, it is ALL lies & Propaganda from BBC/Capita PLC, there is never any outcome - unless the "Consumer" signs one of their "Confession" forms on the doorstep. L.H.
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