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  1. Thank you very much for your help I will certainly keep you posted of any developements
  2. So When/if this letter arrives what do we need to do about it or do I need to wait to see what is actually says. Can they force me to appear and what happens if I dont.
  3. We left oz having lost all the money we had worked so hard to save. It was not our fault but we could not afford to go to court to try and win compensation. We spent three years prior to finally literally caving in trying to pay off huge debts. We finally left with only enough to get by with and brought ourselves home. We left behind about $???? in credit card debt Left no details of our where abouts and the only contact there has been has been to the old address we spent the last weeks at. The present tennant (friend) has just sent any mail back to the companies as being not at this address. Our friend recently told us there has been a letter marked from a court company -this also has been returned to sender. we reckon they will eventually catch up with us in our homeland and we are very careful about phone calls . I thing these have been a couple of calls . They said they were from a Bank but would not tell which bank and just demanded to know our details. i basically told them politely to P--s off and that I did not give out personal information over the phone. we are putting a call stopper on the phone so they cannot get through. Question -- what can we do to protect ourselvef. We have recovered our lives and are living again but want to be careful about any future developements from the debt collectors. We do not have anything about ourselves on facebook or twitter or the likes. We have about four years left before the time has passed when they cn come after us. Can you advise in anyway or are we doing all we can for the moment.
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