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  1. Took a secured loan out with welcome with the usual you won't get the loan without PPI rubbish been trying to get it back since 2009 with no joy. First I tried welcome they told me to get stuffed so went down FOS route they say they can't help as welcome didn't come under there jurisdiction took them 18 months to come to that conclusion. So my question is where do I go from here if anywhere.
  2. So FOS turned my claim down with Welcome What's next for me ? They must have been governed by someone or is this a lost cause.
  3. So I received a cheque for £1800 from MBNA which I plan on keeping as partial payment of full settlement can anyone point me in the right direction on a letter to send to MBNA requesting the rest of the refund there offer is £2500 short of my workings out using the spreadsheets
  4. Update: Result FSCS Sent me a cheque for £5500 for a loan i had with GE Money but the Brooker was Freedom finance after an initial rejection from FSCS sent them a letter asking them to reconsider investigating claim thanks to the letter Andy knocked up for me so thank you very much and a donation on way once everything is cleared.thanks everyone on here who has helped only about another 10 to go lol but with all the caggers help im sure i will get there.Dave
  5. Hi All, Was just going through my SAR from Halifax very confusing but I came across a Mortgage indemnity insurance of £7100 can anyone explain what this is please. thanks Dave
  6. Update: Recieved offer from HSBC for PPI on 2 CC of £850 but didnt offer any associated interest. And an offer from MBNA for PPI on CC for £1800 but is very low offer compared to spreadsheet.
  7. My spreadsheet using 24.9% which MBNA quoted me as being the interest rate for the life of the card was £3130 that was until the date of closing the card. So there was total Premiums of £1030 with associated interest of £2108.
  8. Update:Recieved an offer from MBNA offering to refund £1800 pounds seems like a very low offer to me but shall wait for the letter to explain how they came to the amount offered.
  9. UPDATEReceived SAR from Halifax for the mortgage i had only 3 weeks late but nevermind loads to go through.Letter back from MBNA rejecting Penalty Charges so will send LBA later.Letter form GE Money point blank Refusing to pay any penalty charges stating they are all fair.MBNA PPI still under investigation response by 8th July.Letter from Barclaycard saying there was no check with the SAR request Load of Rubbish.Blackhorse Claiming they cant find any info on me even though i have car finance with them still absolute joke.Letter from HFC asking me to send some sort of identifacation.
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