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  1. Thanks for clarifying that Assisted Blonde. I learnt not to make common assumptions about every day simple words and terms when used by the authorities or those acting on their behalf. By the way, what is meant by the grounds for appeal point "Not correctly served" ? I ask because I have been told it applies in this case.
  2. Should I appeal before I received the letter they send out at 28 days? And to be clear, on what grounds would you say I should lodge the appeal?
  3. Hi Daniella, the web site shows a contravention descrioption as: "Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force" By the way, I was there for no more than 30 seconds which of course must have overlapped from minute 23 to minute 24 which somehow the lady over the phone calculated as bebeing there for at least a minute. Also the attendant had not even by begun entering anything into his ticket making device cos he was so concerned about getting his pictures first.
  4. Honestly I was just far too taken back to even think about what was taking place. The guy shocked me with his cold rude demeanor
  5. Hello All, I'm a newbie here so forgive me if I'm a little off with the format. Two days ago after seeing a van indicate to leave a loading section of the road, I pulled in ahead of him so to reverse as soon as he vacated. The section of the road that I pulled over to was beyond the section that allowed loading/unloading or waiting. At the time I wasn't aware of this and to be totally honest, would never really equate what I was doing to either Unloading or Waiting, since I had manouvered into a position that would allow me to reverse into the loading/waiting area (it is a very busy road so could not have stopped mid street behind the indicating van nor could I have stopped ahead of him for a reverse parallel park after he'd gone). While I was looking back in my side mirrors, quite literally, a Cival Enforcement Officer (although I'd say nothing was civil about the way this particular office behaved) appeared out of nowhere proceding to take a closeup picture of my tax disc. I was totally confused by this so got out of my vehicle to ask what he was doing. The attendant just ignored me, stepped further back and took another picture front facing picture ofmy vehicle. After taking his second snap he walked over to a pole and took another picture of a small 'No Loading/Unloading or Waiting' sign that had an arrow pointing to the right (which is where I was) which incidently I had not previously seen. I tried to explain to him that I was manouvering to park in the space directly behind me to which he simply replied "You now have a ticket" After scrambling my thoughts I then just returned to my vehicle and drove off. In which time he was able to take another two snaps, one from the rear and another from the front. Today I decided to call to find out of a ticket had been issued against my vehicle, and it had! I was able to view the incident details online using the ticket number given to me over the phone. The pictures taken had been uploaded for me to view. When I mentioned to the lady who took my call that no ticket had actually been issued to me, and that the CEO had not even begun the process before I left; she said that it had and that I must have been in that position for at least a minute since 1 picture was taken at 23 and the other 3 at 24 with the ticket being issued at 25 minutes passed the hour. I said that the ticket had not been correctly served, she replied it had, and advised me to appeal if I wished. I understand why parking enforcement companies have a tendancy to recruit cold unscrupulous types, but while it would have made sense for the man to have just explained or warned before issueing a ticket, I would not expect him to tell lies that the ticket had been issued. Please help
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