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  1. Where was it advertised as having the extras? If you can show a copy of an ad in a paper or the like youcan tell them that you have been missold the vehicle and you want your money back. Tell them that you could the matter further as an act of fraud/misrepresentation unless they supply the advertised parts OR reduce the price accordingly. I would ask for quite a hefty rebate considering they could go to jail as an alternative.


    Thanks for your response.The car was advertised in autotrader on line.I have copied the add.I do not want to give the car back as it is a goodun, but I did pay top money and didn't haggle because I thought it had these extra's.Maybe I should have had a better look at the time, but I was so embroiled in checking the cars mechanical / cosmetic condition that I didn't think to look for switches.Silly of me, but the add definately states the car has elec windows, mirrors, and A/C and they cannot deny it is the car I bought because the add has a photo showing the car with the reg plate showing.So who do I complain too

  2. I'm very sorry if this has been posted in the wrong forum, but I do find it a little confusing.


    A few days ago I bought a used car from a dealership.

    It was advertised as having electric windows, electrically adjustable mirrors and air conditioning.

    So I picked it up, and have since found it has none of the above.

    Now I know some of the blame has to come down to me, but I was so embroiled in the cars mechanical and cosmetic condition, I really didn't think to check the switches,

    I am happy with the car and do not want to reject it, but do feel a little hard done by as I paid top money, and if I'd sussed it didn't have the extra's listed in the dealers add, I might have haggled on the price.

    Should I let the dealer off scott free over their misdescription of what was included, or should I try and get some money back.

    Hope to get your thoughts.

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