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  1. I currently pay £31 a month for Plusnet Fibre broadband, their cheapest 40MB 40GB package. Been a customer for 2 years along with my Mum and no complaints. Been looking at other deals on the internet and I've noticed that EE do a similar deal but unlimited at the same price, Talk Talk do the same for £31.45. Virgin internet only deals are cheaper too and they're basic starter package is only £33. I'm tempted to go to Plusnet and squeeze them for something extra due to these other packages I've found, has anyone tried this with their provider and succeeded? Know it sometimes works with mob
  2. No offence but I post on here for help, not for cocky replies like that. And who's to say the dealer I bought it from wouldn't put it through an MOT and falsify it to pass, as someone has already stated.
  3. Well, Amington Motors conveniently ignored my letters as well. My recorded one wasn't signed for and was returned to me a few days ago, sent the same letter 1st class as well on the same day (12/4/13) and that appears to have been ignored as well. Looked on Birmingham Trading standards website, advises you to go though to a link to CAB so I've filled in all the info on another form and hopefully they will contact me.
  4. Had other things going lately so I haven't been able to write but I have composed a letter, does the following sound ok? Dear Sirs, I recently bought a car from yourselves, a Citroen Xsara Picasso Desire Hdi, registration number edited on the 9th February 2013. At the time of the sale, it was due an MOT in a little under 2 months. You did offer to put it through another test for me but due to the distance I had travelled and that I'd scrapped my old car in the morning before I came over, I had no choice but to decline and take the car anyway as I needed it, another £50 w
  5. Well, the dealer has ignored my last 2 emails and I've been very polite in both. I will write to them too but is there anything I can do? I don't want an argument with them if I'm unlikely to get any money back.
  6. This is the problem, I've contacted my letting agency who them contact the management company, and they are not particularly speedy at resolving issues. Though I understand its on private property its still untaxed, we pay DLVA for road tax not the local council, I can't understand the red tape around the problem. I did get a long, unhelpful response from DVLA when I contacted them last week: Dear Mr Studd Thank you for your email received on 26/3/13. Your email reference number is 1235013. The removal of an abandoned vehicle is a matter for either the local autho
  7. Had £50 knocked off for the MOT only, not the service which is due anyway. Maybe my local is a bit pricey but as I'd already said, I had no time and I needed the car back! Cambelt and pump both done last December!
  8. I drove it straight to garage in the morning, about 10 min drive in traffic. I myself trust the garage that I go to and have been going to them to several years now. I've no idea what make of parts they fitted, I didn't have the time to question things like that, I needed the car back ASAP.
  9. leestudd32

    Abandoned Car

    Apologies if this is the wrong section, no idea where else to put it! I've reported an abandoned car to DVLA 3 times since December 2012. The car in question hasn't turned a wheel since it was left there, the tax on it ran out at the end of December 2012 and its not sorn. I've reported it to my local council and they won't do sod all unless I report it to the management company ( I live in a newish build block of flats), they then have to contact the council in writing and also pay a £40 charge to get a notice attached to the vehicle and it then removed. Council say this due to it being pr
  10. Driving it back included, I've probably done a few hundred miles tops. It was on a forecourt but I've no idea how long it had been there. My garage used an injector cleaner to get it through the test, mentions it on the invoice.
  11. Was over a year ago when it happened, but at least I know now if it happens again. I had to pay again for another 6 months tax.
  12. Had this from dealership before too. Car was advertised with tax and I checked the disc when I viewed it. Collected the car a week later and when I got back I noticed the dealer had changed the disc back to the out of date previous one, cheeky sod. When contacted he tried to make out he never sells them with tax and it had some kind of disabled disc on it. I got a form from DVLA to obtain a duplicate disc which arrived a few days later, obviously the car was just normal taxed. Was driving for about 2 months when I received another letter from the DVLA telling me that my duplicate disc was
  13. I always use a local branch of ETB and they are always pretty good, if it wasn't urgently needed I'll be trying an online place next time, like black circles which always seem pretty cheap.
  14. Well I did email them on Saturday and they haven't replied, will give it a few days and I'll try again. The £270 did include clearing the smoke!
  15. I work for a VX dealer in Gloucestershire and we never advise chains to be replaced, only if there was an obvious issue like the chain rattling. No mention of any recalls on the VOSA site either.
  16. I will ask them and see what they say. I have got the mot history for the car as well and it was only refused once before due to a bulb out and a tyre wearing low, never any mention of the brakes. The last mot was done at 94557 miles and is on just over 106k now, is it feasible that the discs simply wore out after the last mot, or is there a chance it was a dodgy garage that did the last mot?
  17. I always use an app called Juice Defender on my HTC Incredible S, that really does seem to work and my phone will last the day!
  18. Well, seeing as the work has already been carried out, is it even worth me contacting the dealership? Do I realistically have a chance of getting anything back if I show them the mot refusal and the bill? I'm not suggesting they were hiding anything either, I appreciate that you could say it was just wear and tear. They knocked off another £50 as I couldn't wait for the test to be done with them.
  19. As above! I bought my 2005 Citroen Xsara Picasso Desire HDi from a dealership in Birmingham, haven't got the bill to hand and I can't remember the dealers name at the moment. Cost me just over £2000, came with almost complete history and a recent cambelt and waterpump, car seemed very nice and very clean, drove well too. It was due an mot in about a month and a half but due to the distance I travelled (60ish miles) and the fact that I'd scrapped my old car just a few hours ago, I couldn't leave without a car and though they offered to do an mot there was no way I could get get back to them
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